10 trends for the next ten years Essay

The article discussed the 10 trends of Logistics management for the next 10 years which affecting Supply Chain. Basically, which is said in the article, the logistics management should become more integrated, technology supported, and talented needed. They also did a survey for the executive group to rank the relevance between the 10 trends and business operation. The executive group ranked the service chain, product clockspeeds, and micro segment as the highest relevance category, which is not surprising to me.

More and more consumer is considering service as important, thus the company should not only provide great product, but also offer an optimal service to satisfy the customers. An effective service chain ensures that the company stays in a competitive position. Moreover, clockspeed has great impact on supply chain performance. A company with fast clockspeed supply chain will have a competitive advantage in the market. Besides, a company really should know who the target market is and what the target segment wants from them.

As long as the company knows exactly who the micro segmentation is, they can be very successful to satisfy the customers’ needs. The purpose of this article is to show the 10 trends which will influence supply chain management for the next 10 years and the accuracy of the forecast trends. In other words, it demonstrates that what will be improved in supply chain and makes the supply chain much more efficiency than ever before.

The ten trends are very inspiring and will definitely change the supply chain management for the next decade. According to the article, there is fierce competition behind the scene. The company should be never satisfied with their performance; otherwise the company will be substituted by any of its competitors.

Basically, my career path is a work related to supply chain management and marketing in fashion appeal industry. I want to figure out a better way to distribute the product to the whole world at the same time so that people from all over the world can enjoy the most fashionable outfits. According to the article, the ten trends will definitely influence my career path to some extent.

Firstly, when service chain become more important than product chain, my career goal will be changed from delivering the product on time to satisfying the customers both in pre- and post-sales. With my marketing major background, I will focus on customer relationship management to improve the service level. Besides, I totally agree with the trend that knowledge work and worker will become global in nature. Globalization is already formed for many years, and it is not surprising that logistics management goes with this trend.

I will get my Logistics Bachelor’s degree in the U.S. and then go back to my hometown to find job. To some degree, I am one of the people who get professional training in the U.S. and work at another country. In addition, the trend 5 mentioned in the article said that supply chain management will have a standard certification process similar to that for CPA. A standard certificate is necessary when a field of work has been well developed. More and more people will get to work in supply chain management; therefore, the people who have “SCM certification” will be more competitive in the market.

I should never stop acquiring knowledge of supply chain management in order to get the standard certification. Furthermore, we learned that segmentation and targeting, which helps company know who the customer exactly is and what to sell to those customer, are very important parts of marketing. Like segmentation in marketing, micro segmentation in logistics will be key to success. As long as we know what the customer really wants, we can create the product that can fulfill the needs of the customer.

Technology, as well, will support a much more effective and cost saving supply chain. By using high technology, the company can better manage their inventory, customer orders, tracking and so forth. We future career will have to deal with technology every day based on the trends, and I am so excited about it because I cannot wait to see what the highly automatic supply chain looks like. I want to be the people who design the supply chain process and see how it will perform in the future.

In conclusion, the ten trends for the next ten years will come true someday in the near future. It brings in opportunities and challenges for both the company and the worker. As a logistics major student, I am so excited about the changes, and I realize that I have to take on more responsibility to make a difference for supply chain management.


Sengupta, S. (July, 2013). Ten trends for the next ten years. Logistics Management. www. Logisticsmgmt.com. Retrieved on August 27, 2013 from https://carmen.osu.edu/d2l/le/content/11141445/viewContent/5963256/View.

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