Additionally it may be beneficial Essay

Thank you for such an insightful post! How great is it that you were able to directly relate to Tammy in moving into a position of leadership within an organization where you had previously been working? I completely agree with you in that Tammy will need to foster relationships that promote productivity.

I wonder if Tammy will be tempted to lean towards a more 1,9 managerial style where she focuses more on relationships than on production. “His aim as a manger, however, is to avoid pressuring for production at a rate higher than that which would win acceptance from organizational members” (Blake-Mouton, 191). I imagine that it would be difficult to focus as much on production as on relationships when you already have established friendships with the people that you are trying to lead.

It sounds as though you were able to accomplish more of a 9,9 managerial style, which is quite a feat! In order to focus more on production, she will need to adopt a leadership style that is high in initiating structure. As Dr. Wagner talked about in his video, “Initiating Structure and Consideration,” Tammy will need to set and maintain definite standards of performance for her team if she hopes to turn the YMCA around. Thank you again for an excellent post!


I agree with you when you say Tammy will have to initiate structure and consideration. In this case I think these styles of leadership are both equally important. Additionally it may be beneficial for her to not only understand her staff but to understand her own unique leadership styles. She posed several questioned pertaining to her own leadership, stating, “do I have the skills and competences to effectively change the current situation?”

Tammy is wise in posing these questions and understanding that merely having consideration may be futile, as there is no direct relation between consideration and job performance. How beneficial do you think it will be for Tammy to know her managerial style? Where do think Tammy falls on the grid? I would venture to say she maybe The 9.9 Managerial Style. It will be important for her to set a structured environment whereby staff can freely think, be creative, and express. According to Blake & Mouton “when people can think, when they have influence on outcomes, they support rather than comply or resist. “ (Blake & Mouton pp. 196) Blake, R, & Mouton, J (2010).

The Managerial Grid. In J.T. McMahon(Ed) Leadership Classics(pp185-199) Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press. Bowers, D.G. & Seashore, S.E. (2010) A Four-Factor Theory of Leadership. In J.T. McMahon (Ed.) Leadership Classics(pp 200-210). Long Grove, IL. Waveland Press. Ken Mark and Gerard Seijts, “The Scarborough YMCA: Getting Back on Track,” in Cases in Leadership, ed. W. Glenn Rowe and Laura Guerrero (Los Angeles: SAGE Publishing) 107-115.

Your post was insightful. You mentioned that Tammy will do well for three reasons: 1. Her colleagues already view her as a peer and trust hrialer.

2. She will not have to go through an initial stage of having the team become familiar with her and vice versa to be able to establish a trusting relationship. 3. Since they already see her as a peer, her ability to motivate and inspire them will be enhanced.

This is true. Additionally I have found that peer leadership doesn’t always constitute for positive outcomes. Tammy may experience some push back from staff that persist to remain in mediocrity and complacent. Some staff may think that Tammy has gotten “big headed” due to her newly assigned leadership role. When I took on my new managerial position unfortunately, some staff had to be released. It was painstaking but necessary. In the case of Tammy, she agreed to take on the position if she had the authority to fully manager staff. I would venture to say Tammy was being proactive and may have foreseen this inevitable fate for some of her former peers.

While Bower & Seashore state the findings confirm there is significant and strong relationship between managerial and peer leadership characteristics, there are other considerations.(Bower & Seashore, pp 209) One consideration is sited in Leadership Classics as “seven of the eight leadership characteristics outlined in “A Four Factor Theory Of Leadership” play some part in the predictive model generated from data; only peer interaction facilitation seems to play no unique role.”(Leadership Classics, p 209) In the case of ‘peer leadership’, it is no argument that there are pros and cons and the outcome is unpredictable.

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