Appraisal System Essay

After selecting employees, performance appraisal is perhaps the most important tool in management used at their disposal. Organizations are normally concerned about the development, position of the employees and also thinking of managing the performance of the subordinates. This is a highlight of the importance and purpose of performance appraisals, proper steps taken before the appraisal is put into motion, elements of a good appraisal system and the criteria for each element that should be presented in a performance appraisal system. Organizations have recognized the importance of performance in a work environment and performance appraisals because it enhances the productivity of its employees with the system. The managers of companies are well-informed of the importance, seriousness of a performance appraisal and the effects it has on the loyalty to job, motivation and job satisfaction, it is the growth and success of an organization.

It also encourages good performers to do better but it also shines light on the poor performing employees. It is a process in which the human service department obtains, analyze, and make decisions on the performance of workers over a period of time. Its main objective is to focus on the performance, key elements of the job, and where improvements are being made and where they need to be made. The purpose of an appraisal system on performance is to improve the human resource department of any organization by gaining the knowledge of what’s going on within the company. It is evidence for pay increases or terminations and is designed to create talk amongst supervisors and management and/or direct contact form employees to bosses that can result in positive outcomes for the business, co-workers and the individual who relayed the information.

This is attained by reviewing past and present performances of employees, identifying the strengths and weaknesses throughout its people and organization, evaluating training needs and also seeking out prospective promotions for people who have earned them. All achievements, difficulties and progress of the last appraisal will be looked at to see if there were improvements made for the current and/or future performance appraisals. It lets management categorize the hard workers and slackers that will need to be rewarded or reprimanded for the hard work and dedication being done or in some cases, not being done. There should not be on the past failures of the employees because those are history. The events that had took place are past actions, past events and past results that cannot be changed but if thing do not changed then other measures have to be taken into account.

The benefits of having a well thought out performance appraisal system plan for the organization to weed out any losses before they become potential problems or treats that can destroy the foundation of the company. the evaluations can be served as sufficient means for improving employee performance and productivity as well as finding out the developmental needs of each employee. If the appraisal is carried out properly, regular performance reviews can raise confidence and assurance in many workers and strengthen the relationship between management, supervisors and subordinates. Employees normally perform better when they know that their work, knowledge and skills are being acknowledged by their superiors. There are many steps to be taken before preparing and designing and up to date performance appraisal system because the organization cannot afford any losses of great employees, clients, money and/or business.

The organization should update job descriptions in order to establish criteria that will be used in measuring job performance, set standards because some employees can slack on their performance because they lack stern stability and observation to find out the approach and reactions as to how they handle certain situations and tasks given to them. There should also be a timetable for performance appraisal processes to initiate the performance baseline for correcting discrepancies that took place in the past and present if needed. In order to have elements of a good appraisal system for performance the owners has to know what they want out of their business and the employees. First, set objectives, in which this will allow a person to inform their workers or future employees of what is expected from them but they will have to been strict and not lenient because they will feel as though they can do anything like not meeting deadlines or not coming to work on time.

The deadlines are set to give them a timeline as to which the expectations should be met and achieved but not broken. Second, is to manage performance by providing training and proper resources to make sure that they are up to date with all requirements that are performed while working. Third, is to proceed with all guidelines of the appraisal by monitoring all employees performances, discuss all that can be done to improve on things, future objectives are made known, consider rewards such as promotion and bonuses and also have a plan for poor performance in the work place. Fourth, keep track of all performance files on all employees to be aware of all areas the improved and those that still need improvement.

There are other necessary elements such as communication, reasoning, understanding, diversity and valid evaluations to have positive outcomes to each appraisal being done. In conclusion, organization need some type of means to ensuring the performance and standards they want achieved at their company. It is important to have a method of making this a successful situation for both organization and subordinates while reviewing and evaluating all things necessary. Performance appraisal systems are resources intended for the use of management to highlight the essential components of excellence within themselves, service, and product.


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