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Many companies, especially SMEs, have a management that leaves much to say in its management, neglecting many aspects that cannot be ignored again before the commitment to ensuring a productive performance, which may lead to the expected results obtained and properly established in its objectives and mission. When you venture into them is detected organizational misbehaviour manifested in a climate that leaves a lot to say and where the internal working environment is polluted with many flaws that affect damage.

Hence, the need to go into assessing what the reality of the work environment, how it works, its impact and that is being done. Management must always be vigilant in ensuring good organizational behaviour, a climate that is favourable and security to the company under its charge of its operation, achievements, successful participation in the markets in which it operates. Thus, one cannot neglect how he handles the internal working environment, be aware of the proper use of their resources, how the technology is used, the operation of production systems, quality management, performance manuals, discipline and commitment to work, ergonomics, leadership, communication to name a few aspects.

Types of Organisational Misbehaviour About this reality that is much in companies in the country, in industries, where many companies have neither guarantee a good working environment, significantly affecting its functionality, operability, and forces neglected to tend to avoid negative effects. Comment, no doubt, that this situation creates a lot of stress and anxiety, and it affects not only professionally but also in other areas of our life. The ideal thing is to change as soon as possible to run out of that kind of environment.

Although there are times when you prefer to lose hold that simply do not work because we can afford it (but please, get out when you can, do not have to spend at least eight hours a day as well!). If that is the case here and you really cannot leave work, and then at least try to make it more bearable. Here are some things you can do:

1. Stay away from negative people who is always complaining or criticizing, you’re calmer. Of course there are times you cannot, but try your best because these people are typical emotional vampires that leave you exhausted. 2. Creating a custom workstation and relaxing (with photos, flowers, etc). So you will feel at ease at least in that space. You can also listen to music or isolate a bit with headphones. 3. Doing good work. I’ve said before when you work thoroughly and do things the best you can feel very good. 4. Keeping busy. If we do our job we will, because if dissatisfaction joins apathy, boredom and apathy, not get very far. 5. Think if anything you can do to improve the situation. Lest we’re complaining and basically can do something about it. Maybe if we strive to meet our fellow some would be more relaxed atmosphere and friendly, for example. So if there is no solution at least make it bearable and acceptable as possible. What do you think?

Conclusion It is up to everyone to watch in all matters in which we interact, determine how this affects our character, behaviour and not let anything affect us, we are able to make the right decisions to avoid being caught us in anything we atmospheres benefit, we simply do not allow the search for solutions and that suits us.

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