Cavleta Dining Services, Inc: A Recipe for Growth? Essay

What role (if any) have Calveta’s values played in the organization’s success? Calveta’s values played a significant role in the business’ success. He motivates and empowers the members of the staff. Antonio ensured that staff members viewed themselves as valued members of the organization and understands that their job is to take care of their clients, respectfully.

The same approach was used with the clients ensuring them that the goal of the organization was to fully take care of their needs 2.Does Calveta’s operating approach offer a sustainable competitive advantage? Calveta’s current operating approach offers a sustainable competitive advantage. Calveta empowered employees to achieve their fullest potential. It was stated that in concept that the employees are the most important capital in the company and in order to uphold that concept the company invested in their employees and offered growth potential. Promote from within culture was evident at Calveta. 3.Why haven’t other food service providers copied Calveta’s approach? Antonio Calveta’s approach is the base for his organization. He worked hard to maintain the mission of the company.

As a result of this, it would be difficult to duplicate his approach. The goal of the majority of companies is to make a high profit and that’s all that they would work towards. However, Calveta’s promise to deliver fresh products and provide great service creates a good profit margin without it being their focus. Calveta’s approach is costly to them but it works and produces a profit. Most other companies would not utilize such methods for fear of losing their profits. 4.Given Calveta’s communication and internal organizational challenges, how important will training and development be to maintaining growth and culture? Training and professional development are key to the maintenance of any company’s growth and culture. Leaders of any strong company should realize that improving skill set, increasing knowledge, and employees’ job satisfaction are important to the positive growth of the company.

Providing training and development provides opportunities for workers to gain managerial skills and gain managerial skills and gain upward mobility in the company. 5.Calveta’s fifth goal is profitable growth. Goals one through four are more ethical in nature. Is goal five inconsistent with the first four? I believe that the fifth goal is consistent with the first set of goals. Goals one through four focuses on the clients and the employees, which are aligned to the company’s vision and mission. Once goals one through four are achieved, then goal five will automatically be attained because with increased clients, comes increased profits. 6.How, if at all, should Calveta’s organizational structure be changed to resolve communication issues, preserve the company’s culture, and support future growth?

An internal survey usually is a useful tool to gauge employees’ dissatisfaction. From the collection of data, an action plan needs to be put in place to address the levels of dissatisfaction. In order to safeguard the company’s culture and support future growth, Calveta must achieve an acceptable level of communication among its units and departments’ heads. Restructuring will be an advantageous way of maintaining the Antonio’s way of culture. Effective cross-boundary work and collaboration required for dealing with complexity and change is required. Increasing engagement within the top leadership team and employees will help the company grow.

7.Should Frank Calveta move forward with an expansion into the hospital sector? With the proposed acquisition? Due to the current financial situation with the company the expansion into the hospital sector should be put on hold at this time. The expansion into the hospital industry should be proposal for a goal for future growth possibility. The proposed acqusitions advantages are ripe for expanding however, Calveta needs to clear up its financial and business issues before expanding with GSD.

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