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11 July

College List

Pg. 211 Check Comprehension 1. The speaker addresses the happy leaves, the happy lines, and the happy rhymes. The listeners are asked to deliver what he feels to the women he loves.

2. In Sonnet 35 the speaker wants the same type of visual devotion from his wife as he is to her.

3. In Sonnet 35 the speaker compares his eyes to narcissus and his own-self infatuation.

4. In the first four lines the speaker writes his wives name in the sand twice and then the tide washes the names away both times. One speaker is Edmund Spenser and the other is his wife.

Critical Thinking 1. The Physical and emotional state of the speaker is evolved around the desire of having the girl because he doesn?t have her he is starving and becoming unhealthy emotionally, he is depressed because his heart is throbbing without her.

2. The ?object of their pain? that the speaker is talking about is the inability for his wife to give affection to him, but he gives it to her.

3. It expresses morality and poetry as being the same because once it is written it begins to fade and morality begins to fade also.

4. Pg 213 Check Comprehension 1. In sonnet 31 the speaker addresses the moon.

2. In sonnet 31 the moon appears to the speaker weak, sickly, and pale. The speaker believes that the cause of the moons sadness is that it does not receive the love that it deserves.

3. The six benefits that the speaker attributes to sleep are the certain knot of peace, the baiting place of wit, the balm of woe, the poor man?s wealth, the prisoners release, and the indifferent judge between the high and low.

4. In sonnet 39 the speaker wants to sleep to shield or escape his sorrow.

Critical Thinking 1. The connection between the appearance moon and the thoughts that the speaker utters is that they both have pale and sickly faces that look very sad.

2. The speaker is seeking escape from his sorrow though sleep by using it as a shield.

3. Judging by what is said in each sonnet you can make the conclusion that each speaker is yearning for his love because they got into a fight and were separated.

4. The speakers lover might scorn the moon because of it?s love for her.

5. Sonnet 39 talks about his desire to sleep are related to how people still deal with problems. People believe psychologically that it heals their problems.

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