Current Trend in Management Essay

The management should recognize the important role of human resources management in order to successfully guide organizations towards profitability. It is essential for the management of investment and time-consuming and the amount, to see change scenario for the human resources department in the 21st century. In order to stay competitive and be in the race, and human resources management should consciously update itself with a shift in human resources, and be aware of the human resources issues cropping up.

With high attrition rates and poaching strategies of competitors, and there is a huge shortage of skilled staff, and therefore, the company human resources activities play a vital role in combating the crisis. Should be put in the appropriate human resource policies that would lead to the organization as well as the individual s goals. And human resource managers to manage all the challenges facing staff recruitment, training them, and then develop strategies to retain their career and build an effective management system for them. That just taking care of employees will not be enough; new initiatives for human resources should also focus on the quality and productivity needs, and direct clients and stress, teamwork and leadership building.

This book is divided into two parts, which sheds light on the emerging trends in human resources, and discusses the issues of human resources in various industries such as financial services, information technology, energy and health care, for example a few. It should be the value of this book is to practice human resource managers in each institution, as well as for those who have a great interest in the field of human resources management, to realize the increasing importance of human resources and understand the need to build human resources effective strategies to combat human resources issues emerging in the 21st century.

Has evolved Human Resource Management Introduction to a large extent over the past century, and has seen a major shift in form and function primarily during the past two decades. Led a number of large forces environmental internal and external, progress has been made in the management of human resources function maintenance to a large extent, with little if any impact down the line, why many scholars and practitioners regard today as a source of competitive advantage for sustainable organizations operating in the global economy.

Changes in human resources management: some significant changes that are likely to take place in the management of human resources are as follows:

An increase in the levels of education:

Due to the technological progress and the spread of educational institutions, workers will become increasingly aware of the needs of a higher level, managers must develop appropriate policies and techniques to motivate knowledge workers. Better-educated workforce and greater demand management assessment and self-governance in the workplace.

Technological developments:

This will require re-training and vocational training in the middle of each of the workers and managers. The rise of an international company to prove new challenges for individuals and function.

Change the composition of the labor force:

In women, in the future, minorities, SCs and STs become an important source of manpower in the future at the expense of ease of access to better education and employment opportunities. Therefore workforce planning will from each organization to take into account the possibility of the availability of talent in these groups. And will change the mix of the workforce leads to new values ​​in organizations.

Increase the role of government:

In India and management, personnel have become so certified. Will be required in private institutions in the future will be to coordinate its programs with those welfare work in the government sector, especially the increasingly to support the government’s efforts to improve public health and education, training and development and infrastructure.

Occupational Health and Safety:

Because of the existence of the legislative and the trade union movement, and management personnel should be more health and safety conscious in the future.

OD: in the future, and will have started to change and able to improve organizational effectiveness. And senior management will become more actively involved in the development of human resources.

New work ethic: more troops will be on the forms of the project and a team of the organization. And change the work ethic requires a greater focus on the individual. You will have to redesign jobs to make the appeal.

Development planning:

Will be involved personnel management are increasingly in organizational planning, structure, and composition etc.. This will require greater awareness in terms of cost and profit based on attitudes on the part of the Department of Personnel.

Better evaluation and reward systems:

There will be a need to post the highest gains patrol organizations with the goal and the result more workers compensation-oriented systems performance and linking performance evaluation will have to be developed.

New personnel policies:

This will require the adoption of new and better policies for the labor force in the future. The traditional family management to give way to professional management with greater forces on human dignity.

Hence, it will be in personnel management in the future cope with new challenges and new responsibilities performance. And will take place participatory leadership authoritarian leadership. And creative skills must be redone and rewarded the focus will shift from a legally binding approach and rule to a more open and humane.

Recent trends in human resources

Human Resource Management is the process of bringing people and organizations together so as to achieve the objectives of each other. The role of Director of Human Resources continues to shift from the role of protector and sort of the role of planning and agent of change. Management personnel are the new heroes of companies. The name of the game today in business is individuals. At present it is not possible to show good report your financial or operating only personnel relations are in order.

Over the years, a high degree of skill and knowledge based on increasing employment opportunities while jobs that require low skills are diminishing. This calls for the appointment of skill in the future through human resource management initiatives occasion.

Indian organizations have also experienced a change in systems and cultures and management philosophy due to the global alignment of Indian organizations. There is a need to develop multiple skills. The role of human resource management is becoming more important.

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