Dove Evolution of brand Essay

In 2007, Unilever’s Dove was the world ‘s number-one “cleansing “ brand in the health and beauty sector. Dove Competed in all categories like cleansing bars, body washes, hand washes, face care, hair care, deodorants, anti-perspirants, and body lotion.Their competitor are P&G (Procter and Gamble’s) ivory, KAO’s Jergens, Beiersdorf’s Nivea. The first Dove Product “Beauty Bar” was launched in 1957 with campaign“ Dove Soap doesn’t dry your skin because it’s one-quarter cleansing cream”.

Dove positioning their product to functionality superiority product. It’s can no longer be accepted because functionality meant different things in different categories Dove was tapped to become master brand in 2000, Dove entries in all personal categories and Dove become masterbrand. To build masterbrand needed to do something different. Dove do a process of exploratory market research, consultation with experts, conversation with women, and message testing led to “ The Campaign for Real Beauty”. Now Dove success become masterbrand under the title of The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove success giving a single identity to the wide range health and beauty products. Dove also organizing for brand management to support this champaign

Question & Analysis
1. What is brand in the definition of Dove ?
Answer :
Based on Merriam-Webster,
Dove is
a. a small wild bird that is related to pigeons
b. a gentle woman or child
c. a person who does not want war and does want peace
Dove is a symbol for peace, love and honesty.
Dove Brand definition is a soap that give you real beauty because its more gentle than another soap so it would not dry out your skin the way soap did. So people does not worries about dry skin if used it because it was not technically soap at all. It is milder than soap-based bars.

2. What does Dove’s market positioning in the 1950s? What is its positioning in 2007? Answer :
In 1950’s
The first Dove product, called a beauty bar was launched in 1957. It was positioned upon its function as a superior product that doesn’t dry out the skin the way soap did. It was marketed through a mix of marketing communication tools like the Television, print media and bill boards. The advertising message was “Dove soap doesn’t dry your skin because its one-quarter cleansing cream” which was illustrated with photographs that showed cream being poured into a tablet. The advertising aspired to project honesty and authenticity, preferring to have natural looking women testifying to Dove’s benefits rather than stylized fashion models. In 2007

Dove become a Masterbrand, its name is used for all beauty bar category in Unilever, such as deodorants, hair care products, facial cleansers, body lotions, and hair styling products. The old positioning of Dove is focus on functional superiority and it can no longer be accepted because functionality meant different things in different categories. After a process of exploratory market research, consultation with experts, conversation with women, the positioning of Dove is “The campaign for Real Beauty”. The campaign begin with using ordinary people in supermodel contexts and for books of nudes featuring plain-looking models. The result was the so-called Tick-Box campaign. In this campaign, billboards were erected and viewers were asked to phone 1-888-342-DOVE to vote on whether a woman on the billboard was “outsized” or “outstanding.”

The next campaign were known internally as the Firming campaign because they promoted a cream that firmed the skin. They featured six “real” women cheerfully posing in plain white underwear. The company wanted the ads to “change the way society views beauty” and “provoke discussion and debate about real beauty.” The next step in the campaign was particularly controversial. At a Dove leadership team offsite meeting, an effort was made to engage executives in the idea behind The “Campaign for Real Beauty” by filming their own daughters discussing their self-esteem challenges. Stage four of the Real Beauty campaign involved not an advertisement, but a film. The resulting digital film was known as “Evolution”. Given its unusual length, television was not an option, and in October 2006 the film was posted to YouTube and within three months, it had been viewed three million times.

3. How did Unilever organize to do product category management and brand management in unilever before 2000? What was the corresponding structure after 2000? How was brand meaning controlled before 2000 and how is it controlled at the time of the case? Answer :

Before 2000, within a product category the firm often offered multiple brands, each led by a brand manager. In effect, each brand operated as a separate business, competing with its siblings as well as the products of other firms. A staff of brand assistants executed the policies of the brand manager. Each brand manager was charged with the responsibilities of a general manager in relation to the brand, including design of strategy, delivery of profit targets, and power over many of day-to-day marketing decisions such as advertising and target promotions that were needed to achieve profitability.

In 2000, Unilever began to split responsibilty for a brand between two groups, one charged with development of the brand and the other charged with building the brands in specific markets. Brand Development was centralized and global in scope. Brand Building was decentralized according to the major geographic regions in which Unilever operated. Before 2000, brand meaning controlled by Brand Manager, but at the time of case brand meaning idea is created by Brand Development but bringing to life by Brand Building.

4. Spend a little time searching blogs, using Google search, and any social media, to get a sense of what people saying about Dove today. What does this discussion contribute to the meaning of the brand?

Facebook Dove Indonesia have 23.027.326 Fans

Followers Dove Indonesia : 19.4K

Yes, people is feel the real beauty of themselves by using Dove. Dove makes the Real Beauty. Recommendation
In the Future dove must be have line extension product such as cosmetic product, to enlarge their category product, but must have same positioning with their campaign “ For Real Beauty” The position must be stand for a point of view

Dove can enlarge their business to retail shop (cosmetic shop) to sell all dove product and communicated their brand. To organize Brand Management, Dove under Unilever must maintain split responsibility between Brand Manager and Brand Development.

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