Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Essay

Nursing is an occupation that work with people of all ages, cultural background and lifestyle to help them accomplish the highest level of care possible. They play an important role in society as well as in economy since they are the ones that provide care to people with illness and not capable to take care of themselves. Recent studies demonstrate that population of nurses is declining and hospitals are desperately struggling to keep hold of their current nurses. Shortages in nurses are definitely shocking , given that the evolving population require skilled nurses to take of them throughout their desperate times.

A nursing shortage is determined when the amount of nurses being retired and the amount of nurses entering the nursing field is not the equivalent. Nurses educate people to support and sustain their own wellness and to avoid illness. Research studies have shown that majority of US citizen are overweight, and unhealthy. This study demonstrates major cause to promote more to enter nursing field since there are so many diseases on the rise like obesity cause people to have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pleasure, and other harmful qualities, cancer, heart attacks etc.

If rate of nurses keep dropping, patients would have to wait longer to treatment and there will be lot of patients that are being admitted in the hospital. People with severe conditions will have to wait for long time before the nurses can attend them, which could result in either death or other serious condition since most of the operations that saves a person’s life happens in a millisecond. A second can mean life or death to the patient’s existence. Nurse turnover is the description given to nurses that quit, or terminated from nursing industry over the nurses that join it (Huber, 2010). High standards, hard labor, major skills, and high education are various factors that cause nurse turnover to increase over the past few years. This paper will be focusing over the causes of nurse turn over and solution to resolve issue from a leader’s stance than a manager’s point of view.

Comparing and Contrasting the Approach of Nursing and Manger Nurses and a supervising manager make up the essence of every nursing association. The manager is in charge and is given the opportunity to make a difference in the work environment. The managers have many goals, including directing, teaching, and encouraging the nurses and staff. By doing this, those under the manager can achieve more on a professional level, while being satisfied with their career. Even though the managers might not have much of a status in certain hospitals and work environments, they still strive to encourage and influence critical settlements. A manager must always be supportive of the nurses and staff.

There are some work environments where the managers always provide help and advice. It is very difficult for nurses to stay in the field and work when their manager does not show respect or satisfaction towards their efforts. Thus, the manager must not only be responsible for critical decision making, but the happiness and motivation of the employees. Even though the nurses are in charge of their patients, the manager is the one who overlooks both the patients, nurses, and staff. To be a nursing leader, one must direct the nurses, employees, and other staff members throughout all situations. Their personality must be one that is knowledgeable, strict and fair. They must be able to lead others, take care of monetary issues, and talk with different types of people. Nursing leaders must also have great people skills.

This includes taking with fellow employees and overcoming language obstacles. An important example is conducting interview sessions with different types of people and being able to make conclusions on their personalities, as well as grading the individual based on their ethical values. A nursing leader should also be able to provide an enjoyable territory in a difficult environment. This can be completed by organizing and arranging everything from budget costs to special occasions. In this way, a nurse can have something to look forward to after they have finished taking care of their patient. The nursing leader can also help raise money to help those around them by hosting fundraisers. By advocating the study of nursing, a nursing leader can conserve the nurses and staff in the work environment.

They can promote the career of nursing to the younger generation. For example, there have been recent articles discussing problems between the United States of America and Syria. If there is a possibility of a war, the United States must have many nurses to help with the crisis. Thus, promoting the nursing career is crucial because it will be very beneficial. One way this can be completed is by having the nursing manager step up as a role model to the younger generation. Another possibility is to publicize the career to those who are still studying in college with undeclared majors. Personal and Professional Beliefs of Nursing

Nursing is a profession that concentrates on the desires of others and taking care of patients that need professional care. Nurses are believed to provide holistic care for the patients as it is the finest method to heal a patient quicker. Nurses deserve respect for the work they perform on a daily basis basis. Over the past few years, media have been demonstrating false illustration of nurses. The famous TV series known as Gray’s Anatomy is a perfect example of the misleading ideas about hardworking nurses. Even though its purpose is to entertain people, people take it seriously. As by the writer the best to contradict the declining rates of nurse turnover is to prove good leadership skills, people skills, financial skills, and quality care skills. Conclusion

Over the past few years the number of nurse turnover has amplified. As we all know, nurses play an significant role in culture, physically mentally and financially in the United States as well as in other countries. Hospital and clinics are trying hard to hold onto their nurses because the number of nurses joining the medical field is declining. In order to convey more people to enter medical field, one must educate the rising students about the benefits about being a nurse and how they affect the society. Another technique is using advertisement to as way to encourage people to enter medical field. Using these strategy, it can help the medical field increase population of nurses.

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