Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Essay

The enterprise resource planning system attempts to integrate or integrates all the data and also processes of an organization into a system that is unified. A typical system of the enterprise resource planning uses the multiple components of the computer hardware and software so as to achieve the integration. The key ingredient of most of the systems in enterprise resource planning is the usage of a unified database in storing the data for various system modules.

Comparison between customer relationship management and supply chain management


Both customer relationship management and the supply chain management are examples of modules in the enterprise resource planning system which formally would have been stand alone applications. (Monk and Wagner2006)


The data that is contained in the supply chain management software includes; inventory, commission circulation, order entry, claim processing, purchasing, inspection of goods, product configurator, supplies scheduling and the supply chain planning. On the other hand the data that is contained in the customer relationship management software includes; sales and marketing, call center support, customer contact service as well as commissions.

On the other hand the supply chain management is a process of planning, implementing and controlling all the operations of the supply chain with a lot of efficiency. While the customer relationship management covers the concepts which are used by various companies in managing their relationships with the customers and they also include capturing, storing, analyzing the customers, vending, partnering and also information on the internal processes.

The operational functions of the customer relationship management involve providing support to the front office business processes which include service and sales and marketing. The operational functions of the supply chain management includes activities such as; the daily production and distribution planning, sourcing planning, inbound operations, production operations and also order promising. (Monk and Wagner2006)

The supply chain addresses problems on the distribution network configuration, the distribution strategies, information, inventory management as well as the cash flow. On the other hand the customer relationship management addresses the issues marketing sales and service.

The customer relationship management has the capability of executing all the three sub modules through the multiple communication channels and the data that is gathered by the CRM considers the privacy of the customer as well as the security of the data. On the other hand the supply chain management components are the third elements of the four square circulation frameworks.

Differences between financial accounting and managerial accounting

Type of information and confidentiality

Financial accounting mainly concentrates on the production of the financial reports which includes profitability, the basic reporting requirements, stability, solvency and liquidity. The reports of this nature can easily be accessible by the external and the internal users. On the other hand management accounting is a branch of accounting which deals with primarily very confidential financial reports for the restricted use of the organizations top management. (Monk and Wagner2006)

Whereas the financial accountants follow the GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) that have been set by professional bodies in each country, the managerial accountants make use of the processes and also procedures that are not regulated by the standard setting bodies. On the other hand the multinational companies prefer employing the managerial accountants who have passed the certification in CMA.

The certified management accountant (CMA) is an examination that is given by the institute of management accountant which is a professional organization for the accounting professionals. (Monk and Wagner2006)However the certification is very different and also unique from the chartered accountant certificate or CPA.

Time period

The managerial accounting provides the top management with reports which are future based while on the other hand the financial accounting provides reports that are based on the historical information. However even though the management accountants base their reports on the historical values they also employ the statistical methods so as to arrive at the future values.

In both the financial and managerial accounting the enterprise resource planning systems benefits the workers in various ways. (Monk and Wagner2006)

Information on the payroll of the sales people

This information will be very useful in the management o the sales team in the Snackers sales department. This is because the manager will be able to know the consistency of each sales persons pay in relation to their performance. On the other hand such information will help the manager to pay the sales people according to the defined contract which could be inform of incentives, commission or a basic salary. (Monk and Wagner2006)

Information on training of the sales people

This information will be helpful in the management of the sales people since it will help in identifying the extent to which the sales people have been trained and also how far hey have been able to go with their training. This information is also useful since it helps in showing what the sales people have not been trained in and the consistency in their training. Such information will also be useful in the identification of the refresher courses on the sales people since such training is very important to the company sales and marketing strategies. (Monk and Wagner, 2006)

Information on time and attendance of the sales people

This information will help the management identify the employee’s trends in reporting and attending to their official duties. It will also help in identifying the employees who are consistent in their attendance and those who are not. Such information would be very useful especially when promoting the employees , increasing their responsibilities, giving them incentives, taking any disciplinary actions and also in retrenchments and transfers.

Information on the benefits of the sales people

This information would be helpful to the management since it will give the basis of the benefits of the employees. Such information would help the company’s management to award the sales people with their correct benefits and incentives which they are entitled to during or after their term of service.

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