Final Project Scenario Solution Darren Coco HSM Essay

Statement of Opportunity The services provided for high school dropouts will require a knowledgeable staff in different fields to obtain the skills needed to gain employment. Offering education courses and tutoring in basic reading and writing skills, with the goals of getting the students ready to take a GED test or working towards a high school diploma. Impact on Organizational Structure

A professional staff that works well with high school children, volunteers who are willing to be patient and work with the professional staff. The need for a human resource department is very important, and will represent the collective capabilities and experiences of its people. Usually with high school dropouts it is based on social background and academic behaviors. The organizational structure needs a positive teacher-student relationship where the students will be encouraged to want to learn and succeed. In this type of case with high school dropouts there may be a need to set up an informal organizational chart, which introduces flexibility into the structure. The kids that will be participating in these programs may be working at a job, and need to set time for education at night or vice versa. Having a flexible schedule can help provide time for all of the students to benefit from. This type of structure can be categorized under the heading of matrix organizations. This structure would have the need for more than one supervisor for the employees. Sometimes this type of chain of command can run into problems such as power and authority. However, the benefits may well outweigh the costs if better decisions are made, if they are more widely supported though out the organizations, and if they prevent the alienation that so often accompanies a rigid, bureaucratic structure.

Community and Environmental Factors

This organization will need to do an assessment to find out the targeted areas of the schools with the highest dropouts occurring recently. Speaking with the school’s superintendent and principals in the area will be able to provide vital information of the student’s history. Strategic planning is always anticipate changing community needs, demographics, economics, location of population centers, and other such variables that is needed for the organization. Government-funded programs by far are the major source of funding for social service programs in federal and state governments. This type of funding tends to be organized around the population groups and problem areas. Dropout high school students will fall under this type of funding. Liederman (1995) points out policy and practice tend to follow social and economic swings and to adapt to changing conditions. Local agency directors who expect to receive funding for services that fall within the child welfare networks can improve their chances for participation if they keep track of proposed programs, legislation, and funding streams initiated at the federal and state levels.

By participating in the political process, an agency director, board member, or selected staff members can become integral parts of the decision-making processes and will understand the rationale and the politics of government funding. This knowledge puts an agency director and other participants in a position of strength when the time comes to submit grant or contract proposals to fund agency programs. There is also a possibility that the government agency may grant fund to a family-service agency to strengthen its foster care recruitment, training, and licensing program. The government agency would be awarding the agency a grant to carry out its own programs because these programs benefit the community, and the agency does not have the necessary resources to increase or strengthen the program on its own. (Kettner & Martin, 1987).

Human Resources

This department consists of selecting, hiring, and retaining the optimum mix of staff. These factors include finding mutual support, leadership, and mentoring. Being able to find the right mix is difficult, but can be done with careful planning and of a clear understanding of what types of people work best together to achieve high levels of productivity while demonstrating a firm commitment to the organizations mission. A core or hub around which human resources planning revolve is made up of three elements: human resources law, a profile of staff needs, and a job analysis for each position. With these elements at the core, a plan is developed that involves (1) recruitment, (2) selection, (3) orientation, (4) supervision, (5) training and development, (6) performance appraisal, (7) promotion and career development, and , if necessary, (8) termination. Human resources plan is compiled with a clear sense of direction and vision focusing on the qualities and characteristics that are needed to achieve the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives.

Human resources will need to find the professionals who will give everything they have learned and more to help dropout kids finish their education. The final decision involves a series of final steps prior to making an offer of employment. These may include any or all of the following: (1) final evaluation of candidates by the selection committee, (2) final check of references, (3) recommendation by the selection committee to the hiring authority, (4) the job offer, and (5) notification of unsuccessful candidates of their status. Human resources have a big responsibility to choose the best candidates to work these children. Let’s hope the each student passes with flying colors, and will succeed in all that life has to offer them.

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