Go to Hell Essay


1. Problem Studied.

Supervisors are not Using Software Base Company’s IJSFA System. This Software is for all Employees of GlaxoSmithKline for Reporting and monitoring. Supervisors are not much trained to use it and they are not award of the importance of IJSFA System.

2. Research Goals.

To investigate about the reason that why majority employees are not using Compass IJSFA System.

Preliminary Details:

1. Background Information on the Organization.

Multinational Company Established in 2000. GlaxoSmithKline is a Public Limited Company and working in 358 countries. GlaxoSmithKline is Expanding by acquiring Local and Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies to expand.

2. Information on Structure, Culture and Management Philosophy.

The Structure of Company is geographically distributed in all over Pakistan. Culture of company is very much professional, with people from different locations and countries. Majority management of the company is formal, there is a lot of audit for every step.

3. Perceptions Attitudes and Behavioral Responses.

All employees of the company are empowered to take decision under the umbrella of company’s code of conduct. Employees are trained and get trained by company’s Academy, twice or thrice a year. Employees are positive towards company’s policies.

4. Literature Survey.

GlaxoSmithKline is well reputed Multinational Pharmaceutical Company. It has quality assurance department in every segment of company. Employees of GlaxoSmithKline are motivated and positive towards fluctuations.

5. Theoretical Frame work.

The relationship among reporting system, supervisors, time management and Training sessions are as follows: a. Reporting System is used by Supervisors to send information to Head office, as well as supervisors can also use this information as history experience. b. Time management to use reporting system is totally dependent on Supervisors because supervisors are mostly busy in field work where they cannot use internet service to use reporting system. c. Training sessions are always helpful for the Supervisors to manage time to use Reporting system and how to use it efficiently. d. Lack of interest is also a factor in supervisors, towards reporting system after busy field work.

Relevant Theory:

Pfizer Pharmaceutical faced this problem in 2007. They investigated that employees are not using IJSFA system because they unable to manage their time to use reporting system. They solve this problem by providing mobile internet devices to the employees so that they can report from field as well, there is no such need to go to internet clubs or office or home. They conclude that field force supervisors does not have much time to go office or home to use reporting system.

6. Hypothesis Formulated.





SLI = Supervisors has lack of interest. SEI = Supervisors cannot efficiently use reporting system. SNT = Supervisors are not trained to use Compass reporting system. SNI = Supervisors are aware of Importance of reporting system.

Research Design:

1. Type and Nature of Study.

Purpose of the study is to test the above mentioned hypothesis. This research is establishing group differences of different geographical locations of company. Minimal interference will be occur during research as it is a studying research. It will be an one shot time horizon research.

2. Sampling Design.

This research is based on Area sampling and convenience sampling. Some statistical measures will also be used in it to prove our hypothesis or disprove it. From population of 142, 20 sample size is selected by using random no. table.

3. Data Collection Methods.

A questionnaire of structured questions will be presented to some element and some of the questionnaire will be filled by phone interviews as they live in other cities or distant locations.

4. Data Analytic Techniques Used.

Employees will be about their experience in company and also no. of training sessions attended, it will show their interest if they are trained then why not they are using it efficiently and if they are not trained then it may b the reason to prove our alternate hypothesis. Secondly, employees have to tell their priorities to look into their time management skill. They will be asked about some terms which are related to compass to recheck their command on Compass reporting system.

Research Findings:

Hypothesis Testing. 1. The data analysis shows that 70 percent of the employees are below 5 years of experience and they are facing problem in using reporting system and time management factor.

1. Secondly, 70 percent employees attended only 10 training sessions in their professional career which shows that they need more managing skills or they should be helped by company to efficiently use reporting system.

1. Lastly, 60 percent of the total employees are uncomfortable in using Compass IJSFA system because they are not having background from IT knowledge.


Finally, it make us to conclude that our null hypothesis is proven wrong but alternative hypothesis is proven true i-e, SNT = SNI . Supervisors are not trained to use Compass reporting system which is the main fact. Supervisors are aware of Importance of reporting system because this reporting system is containing an unlimited data of customer feedbacks and customer profile. Recommendations:

Mainly employees are having low grip on using Compass reporting system so they should be trained on urgently bases to get desired performance.

There is a problem in time management by field force also. It should be solved if Mobile devices of reporting system should be provided to them to save their time.

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