How to Get Prepared and Start My Own Business Essay

All of us have a lot of ideas about the things that we think about; most of the time we do not even recognize how millions of ideas got through our brains. Even now, when I typed this sentence, it took a while for me to come up with an idea and put it into words, so that all the readers get exactly what I want them to understand after reading my writing. We use our ideas everywhere, since it is something that lets us process and understand the information that we already own and get the best result that is possible. People use ideas as their tool to make a right decision, and as we all know, we have a lot of decisions to make in our life.

For me, the right idea is a treasure surrounded by many other ideas that are not the ones that will lead me to a right choice, which I have to make in certain amount of time. Examples of leading companies that came up with good ideas in business are: Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and AT&T. These worldwide well-known organizations started their business like any other person – from idea, but somehow they have achieved a better result, which means they had a better idea, better team, or better preparation and hard work with luck.

Now, after having 17 years of experience in finding a right idea, I am on my way to find my own treasure, so that I will be able to realize my ideas in business world. That idea is one in a million. For now, I came up with a lot of ideas that will possibly bring me a wanted amount of profit after realizing them. Since I am on the right track, I should get prepared to start realizing my ideas and start my own business. There are a lot of people in the world who want to start and run their own business.

Some of these people who start their business will get a satisfying sense of accomplishment after providing a service or a product that is enjoyed or used by customers. Most of them will be disappointed in their business, since the percentage of those who fail is higher than those who succeed. Feeling of a business executive after coming to work differs from the feeling that people meet when they work for someone else. Person who runs the business and person who assists and works for that person experience different emotions and work to do, but both of these jobs have their own cons and pros.

Person who assists to run the business cares only about the wage that he or she gets in the end of the month, while the businessman cares about the whole organization, including staff, all the property, wages of his workers, working environment, advertisement, and else. The more power and opportunity you have, the more responsibility and problems you get. That one person who runs the company should make a perfect environment to work, including people who work for him, because they are a big part of his business that manage to realize his ideas, and make them work properly.

More than one million people create their own business every year. All of them have an idea that they believe in, because idea plays a huge role, but it is not the only thing. Business is more than just an idea, and some people forget it and start without even being prepared. It needs a lot of time to plan, and also it requires certain people. Furthermore, it needs financial funding. Before even starting to prepare to be a business executive, person should ask himself if he is ready for that. Do I have that personality and skills to be successful in business?

Do I have what it takes? I am sure that I do, so do my parents. That is the reason why I am continuing to make researches about business and reading news about politics in my country. That is the reason why I came to America, to a country that is far from mine. Before starting to prepare the environment I will be working in, I should prepare myself. I should have enough knowledge and information to understand everything me and my team will do. To do so, I should read news and articles about business.

All businessmen have to be in that world, which is a world of business. There is always something that we do not know. That something might make business work better. People do not even know when they miss their chance to build a better business. People just lose their chances to get better, and that opportunity sometimes comes only once in the whole life. Since there are plenty of those who try to run their business, it is a competition, where you, as a businessman, should prove that you are capable of more than other businessmen around you.

There is only one winner, and it should be you. That is why it is better to spend enough time preparing and have more chance to succeed, than start with unsafe steps. Since I am the person who will continue the family business, not start from the very beginning, I have more opportunity and chance than I would have had if I was the one who started the business. That person who worked hard is my father. What he did, is called a huge step. He brought his family from nothing to something in a short period of time, which usually takes more.

Some people achieve their goal, but my father is one of those who achieved a goal that he did not even expect. He already reached a goal that should be reached in two generation. That is why, as the only son in our family, I should succeed at least like him, even though he, as a father, thinks I can do better. I have people who will help me to understand business, and how it works, because it is not something that you can understand by reading some rules on the paper. It is something that you understand by experiencing, something that we should feel. Business is about the team.

Successful business based on products, and services that are made or provided by people. I should create a company that inspires faith and productivity. In order to make revenue, I should understand people’s way of thinking; understand what their needs are, and how to provide them in the best way. How did such companies as Apple and Microsoft get so big and successful? These companies found a product that best responds to real human needs and desires. This problem is important to all the people who want to start their own business. It is related to business.

This question is being discussed everywhere on internet, on the forums, by experts, and by people who have failed in starting a business, or by people who succeeded. They share their experience and give tips that can help to people like me, people who are getting prepared to start a business. This subject is interesting for me, because it determines my future. It helps me to understand what exactly I am going to do, in order to be prepared to start business, which is what I am going to do for living. There are many ways of getting prepared, choosing the right one, and choosing the right idea is one of the most important steps.

Even though I am sure that I will succeed with the help of my family, I still have to make research and be one of those who try hard to be closer to business. Business is like a big house. In order to build a big and beautiful one, we should have an idea of how to make, and be prepared. If the foundation is strong, then are on the right way. There are basic steps to start my business. First of all I should research and plan my business. It will help me to understand what it takes to realize my plans. After researching and planning, I should get business assistance.

That step will help me prepare a business plan and expanding my business. After that, I should choose a business location and finance my business. To do, depending on my business type, I should find a place that will work out the best for my business. If it is, for example, a hotel, it should in a place that is easy to reach for tourists, but is not noisy, so that customers can enjoy their time in the hotel. After doing these four steps, I should determine the legal structure of my business. It could be sole partnership, partnership, corporation, etc.

If I am not ready to do my business alone, I can find a partner or partners that believe in my idea and ready to finance. Having more people is always better, which means that you will have more resources and more ideas. If a company has more than one holder, it always causes problems, because of disagreement and revenue that should be divided. Next step in order to start business is registration of a business name, and getting a local license. After these steps, everything is ready to work, including the workers that you should hire.

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