Individual Gathering and Evaluating Information Essay


Individual Gathering and Evaluating Information

List the APA reference citation for the source.
Determine the credibility of the source. Consider the following criteria:

What is the purpose and affiliation of the organization or author related to the article?

What are the author’s credentials?
Is the information current? When was the information last updated?

Does the information cross-reference with other sources?

Does the source contain bias without evidence to support the claim?

Explain in at least two to four sentences what information you can gather from this source.

Source (formatted consistent with APA guidelines)What makes the source credible or noncredible? What information can you gather from this source? Curfman, G. D., Morrissey, S., & Drazen, J. M. (2013). Affirmative action in the balance. The New England Journal of Medicine, 368(1), 73-4. Retrieved from

What impact the outcome play on school admissions.

Hu, H. (2012). Debate over affirmative action in college admissions continues. Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 29(19), 8. Retrieved from

This article has been peer reviewed for credibility.Another perspective of Fisher vs. University of Texas. The role NACAC plays in admissions to schools. Julia S. Jordan-Zachery, Richard Seltzer, Responses to affirmative action: Is there a question order affect?, The Social Science Journal, Volume 49, Issue 2, June 2012, Pages 119-126, ISSN 0362-3319, (

This article has been peer reviewed for credibility.This source will be used to show the public’s response of Affirmative Action, and its varying degrees. This source also has great experimental results that can be incorporated. Fullinwider, Robert, “Affirmative Action”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2011 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.),

This source is from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.This source will be utilized for various information since it covers many topics. This source will also be used to explain the beginning of affirmative action. American Association for Affirmative Action. (2013, July). American Association for Affirmative Action. Retrieved from American Association for Affirmative Action:

The American Association for Affirmative Action is the association of professionals managing affirmative action, equal opportunity, diversity and other human resource programs.This source will be used to explain AAAA and its role in Affirmative Action. Illustrate any current legislative cases that be happening.

•What strategies did you use to gather reliable information for your research paper?

Affirmative action has many policies about race, color, religion, and/or sex. In essence affirmative action is equal opportunity, not only in a work environment but also admissions. Looking at search results gave way to sub topics. In order to write a streamlined paper a subtopic will be the focus of this paper. The subtopic will need to be relevant and current. When having a relevant and current topic, there must me multiple credible sources to back up the information on that topic. Searching through the University of Phoenix Library yielded many positive results on the topic of Fisher vs. the University of Texas. This outcome of this case could change the course of affirmative action when it comes to admission into school. This is a historical case of today’s time, similar to many landmark cases from the civil rights movements of the 1960’s. The sources that are to be used will be from peer reviewed articles or websites that are the authority on this topic.

•What other strategies might you use? Provide a rationale for your choices.

Other strategies that will be used through this paper will include a devil’s advocate approach. When talking about affirmative action there are two groups, those in favor and those against. The goal of this essay is to explain the reasons behind both groups’ arguments and allow the reader to make their own decision. All information will be relevant data. The question that will need to be answered “is affirmative action still needed today?” By illustrating both viewpoints the reader should have enough base information to research more. Once they have research more on their own they will be able to formulate an answer. This essay will give the reader a start of materials to research, and have those asking questions never before thought of. The word count associated with this essay does not allow the author to get too far into detail on such a vast topic.

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