Leadership Profile Essay

I am currently the Director of the Patient Care Management Department at one of the local for-profit hospitals. We have gone through some tremendous changes since I have been there. When I started at the hospital, we did not have a director we only had a team leader and the hospital was up for sale. April 2012, the team leader decided to resign. I was then nominated by my co-workers to step up to the team leader position. Immediately the hospital was sold and they posted a job listing for director of our department. For the next year, there were only a scant number of interview prospects for the job listing.

I then decided that I should tackle this job opportunity, so I applied. In the midst of all of this, the new owners brought in a consulting firm for our department. The consulting firm mentioned to upper administration that there was great talent already in the department to fulfill the director position. In May 2013, I was promoted to director. I currently oversee the day to day operations in the department. Leadership Weakness

I consider Welch’s core principles of voice and dignity to be an area of development. As indicated in Welch’s book Winning “every person in the world wants a voice and dignity, and every person deserves them”. As an evolving leader, this will be a principle that needs further development. I need to learn to conduct my voice in a professional manner so that I am heard and well respected. I also want to allow my team to have a voice and dignity in the workplace. I want them to bring all their brain power to the table (Welch, 2005) and make sure they know they can do this. Leadership Profile

I was given a task to handle in my department even though it really should have been assigned to another department. I did not want to turn anything down being the new person and fear of having a voice, so I accepted the responsibility of writing the policy. I started to work with one of my team members to write the policy. My team member came to me one day and stated “I really do not mind helping write this policy but it should really be the other department”. I listened and once she was finished I scheduled a meeting with the director of the other department. I met with the other director to discuss that his department should really take a handle on writing this policy and that we would help in any way possible. I had a voice and was listened to because the other department has now been assigned the policy writing.

This has impacted me as a leader because we all should have a voice. Everyone in the work-place deserves to be heard. Winning states that not “everyone’s opinions should be put into practice or every single complaint needs to be satisfied”, however this team members opinion did need to be heard. If I would not have given her a voice, we probably would still be writing the policy. Voice and dignity in relation to my D/C management style, I am very direct and straightforward (“Everything Disc Management Online Profile”, 2008).

This is where I need to be mindful when speaking, that I do not come across as harsh. The voice and dignity principle that I plan to improve will take specific steps. I plan to execute methods within our department that will consistently allow every ones voice to be heard. I will set up monthly meetings where everyone will be able to discuss any concerns or ideas to better improve our workflow. I will keep meeting minutes where I can go back to address these Leadership Profile

concerns and see where we can make changes and even collaborate with other team member’s hospital wide. The team will also know that they can come to me at any time or day to discuss issues and that I will listen openly and confidentially if need be. This will give them a chance and opportunity to feel included in the task at hand. Leadership Strength

Winning states that “leaders relentlessly upgrade their team, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build self-confidence”. I consider this to be a strength of mine. Before I took this new position, I knew that I had to get the best team together if we wanted to succeed. I had evaluated two employees that were not capable of performing the daily job duties, and released them. I did lots of research on my prospective employees and hired the best.

Now that I have a fully qualified team, I am constantly looking for ways to enhance the department and their skills. I also look daily to entertain one’s self-confidence if appropriate. This is a passion of mine to acknowledge others when they have earned it. As indicated in Welch’s book Winning “when you become a leader, success is all about growing others”. I feel this has impacted me as a leader because I take pride in helping and watching others grow.

The growth of others represents my management style in that I am results-oriented. I like to see the end product of my team members. With my style I also need to be conscious not to be so demanding. To further improve on leadership rule number one, I would like to incorporate a monthly evaluation tool that can also be part of their quarterly review. This will allow me to be managing Leadership Profile

their production throughout, instead of waiting to the end to do the quarterly review. I believe when waiting until the end of the three month period to do the quarterly review, we lack the ability to constantly upgrade because things are missed or forgotten. This makes the quarterly review less worthy and a disadvantage to the team, the team member and myself. Recommendation As a young leader, I want to learn from the Jack Welch Management Institute and apply my learning daily. I hope to accomplish becoming a more effective leader in the near future.

Leadership Profile
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