Life Define Leadership Essay

What is the leadership? I often ask myself. Leadership is a very abstract concepts, some people don’t have a way to go to real life define leadership, even if he is now running a large company even leadership a country. Because of its category is too big. Through a few weeks of classroom study, I gradually with the own leadership definition, began to try to explore what is leadership. Before work experience, also have to lead a team, but have no real system to learn what the leadership is. Below the article I will explain the leadership in my heart.

Leadership is a process of getting things done through people, in the textbook, we begin to contact the Leadership of the theory of knowledge, also in class, through a few small games, such as Marshmallow tower, practice Leadership. The textbook says the three types of leadership, democratic, authoritarian, laissez faire, I think, real leadership is difficult to directly will these separate, and they will fusion these types. In different times and different situation, displays the different style, this is the true leaders.

If simple to put a person’s leadership types are classified it is very one-sided. We can only say they are more inclined to what kind. For example, I will talk about my personal experience. When I was a universities’ student in China, I opened an e-commerce company, it called Universities’ cell phone union of China and seven people went into business together for the company, they were students too, I was in them as leader. At first, everyone has great enthusiasm, is with a passion of the cavity work, also rely on my personal charm, because we were both have no money, no experience.

Many companies have to work things, such as do website, hair handbill, wait a tired of live. But the work is not ideal, the company does not have profit, after period of time, they began to lose patience, lose passion. They all wanted to give up. Someone suggested, just gave it up, and then strive on useless. And this time, as a team leader, you must stand up, with authoritarian way hold on, in the spirit up motivate them, use the positive spirit to inspire them. Let them think we are a team and never give up. To hold on, we will be successful.

This is a very often in the startup problem, if the team leader without certain perseverance and decision making, it is difficult to spend the difficulty. Fortunately, we pass the difficulties, the website has begun to have customers, and someone is looking for us to buy cell phones, gradually have profit. But problems also began, the team started seven of the site’s planning the divergence web site is primarily sell mobile phone, but on the web site are beginning to target customers later, they want to sell other things on the site, and cell phone extraneous matter.

This time is to do or do all fine. It is hard to the choice. This time, I had a meeting, and let people talk of the company, through the very democratic way to listen to their views, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of each, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and website decided to continue to sell mobile phone, the industry bigger, which is conducive to the next development.

Through three years of operation, we market distribution in 20 provinces, under the small team have 300 university student, have the same administrative headquarters, we formed a good few department, the finance department, the Marketing Department, human resources department, technology department, administration department. Form a comparison of the regulation of the company. I can say, the company exercise great leadership skills. Also in the actual experience accumulated a lot of experience for leadership. Leadership means responsibility.

It’s adventure and often fun, but it always means responsibility. The leader is the guy the others look to get the job done How to use the leadership knowledge . There are many leadership case analysis, or Project, and emphasizes the grasp of the business world now, after the study of the leadership course, we can easily see clear a enterprise under the surface of the actual operation of the means, the enterprise strategy, culture, capital, etc. Of course these to personal future career will not have a direct function, but it is an indispensable exercise. The future of my leadership

From the leadership class let me from thinking came out, let me know a completely different world, let me made clear the idea of starting my own business. I believe the leadership value, also hope to have more students, no matter whether have the class and have joined the innovative team . let us together to do some different things, and not waste their own intelligence and one cavity warm blood. You are not a finished leader. No one ever is, not even a president or prime minister. But you are an explorer of the human mind because now you are going to try to learn how to get things done through people.

This is one of the keys to leadership. So I will change my style and try different kinds of leadership style in the classroom. Constantly to experience feel, this is advantageous to the development of future better. I have enjoyed this class that can let me know some different things. The teacher has many ways to help the student know some leadership knowledge like the small games. And you are very easy to master this theory, also easy to define. You can use knowledge be applied to real life. Thank you for the teacher.

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