Managing Organization Change Essay

Organization change occurs due to various reasons that the management sets up in order to improve its performance. Management change requires thoughtful planning from the management and also sensitive implementation of the changes. The management also has to consult and involve the people who are going to be affected by the implementation of those changes. If people are forced to accept the change then they will be big problems. The change to be implemented should be real, achievable and more so measurable. These issues are particularly relevant in dealing with personal change.

For organization change, before starting to implement it you should know what you want to achieve, why you want that change, and how you will measure the change. Organizational change is much related to personal change as it requires the personnel to implement it. Change is an organization is something certain so that the organization can catch up with new technologies and challenges that arise with time. A good example is International Business Machines (IBM) which was faced with hyper competition from its competitors which lead to reduction of its market share and low revenue.

Though, change is a risky business for an organization as research shows that over 70% of new changes effected in companies fail, it is vital. So, why did IBM have to under go organizational changes yet is that risky? It changed it organizational operations because of the external pressure and demands. Thus, the company had to review its strategic decisions in order to create new plans and goals that can be implemented to achieve these new goals. To effect these changes IBM choose the director image of change as their tool of implementing these changes.

Why director, because the image allows the managers to lead through the proposed changes by going step by step, through the cycles of recommended changes, together with the personnel that is involved. For example, diagnosis of the changes, unfreezing and implementing the changes. In addition this image of change gives the managers high control in designing the process of changes and also on implementing them, this ensures that the managers are in charge of the activities and are able to ensure that the process are well followed and maintained.

This ensures that the proposed changes are effectively implemented. The other advantage of this image of change is that, it views results from the proposed changes as certainly achievable and thus does not leave room for doubts. In order to remain competitive on the market IBM had to implement some business development changes in the organization. By making changes in the business development section, the most important aspect that IBM considered was quality.

IBM identified particular new business development goals and then had to formulate a business plan that included the following ways of development; development in sales, development of new products, creation of new markets, structural and also processes development change for example e- business, making new strategic partnerships together with development of distributions channels, and initiating international development. Another thing IBM did looking for acquisitions of small companies.

All this internal changes were geared towards recapturing the markets and increasing sales. The business development changes implemented by IBM resulted in increase in revenue as their sales increased and they were able to capture new markets. IBM also was able to improve the quality of its products to international standards, at the same time it injected new products that were in line with new trends on the markets. Other images management change that the organization can use are Navigator and caretaker.

In navigator image, the manager has to identify various change options available and take one. Unlike in the director here the managers have limited control in implementing the proposed changes. Although, the management views that they will achieve the goals of the proposed change, they also view that other problems may arise. While in caretaker image, the management makes change by forwarding it to the very end, and has little control on the processes of designing change and implementing it.

The management views change as achievable, however, cannot manipulate the way change occurs. I think the best way of implementing change is using the director image as it gives control to the management which is an important aspect in planning and implementing change in organization. Thus, I will recommend IBM to continue using it. Conclusion In this fast moving business environment it has become increasingly necessary for organization to embrace change especially in its technology and marketing strategies, in order to maintain competitive edge.

Competition and demand in high quality products has made business environments to be very dynamic in that it requires dynamic organization and systems to offer effective responses to these dynamic business environments by implementing planning and implementing successfully changes. As in the case of IBM, the management must chose the image of management change that will give best result and use it. If well implemented results will be always be good.

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