My Dream Job Essay

What is a bad boss or manager? We all have had some good managers and some bad managers. In most cases people don’t care too much for their boss. One of the biggest characteristics flaws in a poor manager is poor communications skills. They possess little to no listening skills and don’t seek out advice or suggestions from their employees. When a big decision needs to be made they normally make the decision on their own with little input from their subordinates. Another characteristic of a poor boss is a one who is afraid of confrontation.

In management, I believe that any time there is an issue, the boss should not be afraid to address it. Some employees will take advantage and lose respect for their boss if that happens. I call those types of managers “buddy bosses,” which is not a good thing their needs to be a healthy balance. Bosses should be nice most of the time yet they also needs to be firm when the time calls for it. Good management skills don’t always come naturally. Managers have to continue to have ongoing training on leadership skills just like the workers need to have ongoing training on the jobs.

In management; it is hard to please everyone in fact, if everyone is happy with you all the time you are probably a “buddy boss. ” There will always come a time when you are going to have to say no to someone’s request. I believe that sometimes bad employees force a boss to become more firm most of with the employees. There are several types of bosses that I would consider bad. The first one is called an incompetent boss. They really don’t know the job and rely on the employee’s knowledge to get them through. When an issue occurs, they are no help at all. When an incompetent boss tries to help, they often make the situation worse.

The second type of poor boss is a unchangeable leader. This is someone who does not like change and is unwilling to do what it takes to make the team more effective. This person doesn’t listen to the advice of the team, eve when they might tell them something that might help a process run smoother. The next type of poor leader I would call the abuser of power. They are people that get into leadership and use their power for personal gain. An example of this would be a boss that leaves early for the day all the time to take care of their personal business.

The next type of poor leader is a leader that can’t be trusted. This is someone who employees don’t trust with information that can be used against them. When they have a problem the don’t feel comfortable talking to their leader in fear that they will tell someone else or use it against them in the future. They can’t tell them how they really feel. There is always going to be corrupt people in the world but when a leader is corrupt in any organization it breeds more corruption. There are some leaders that are down rite evil.

They may have had a hard life and just don’t like to see others happy so they always find a reason to be upset and not satisfied with anything that is done within their department. Manager that operate in this manor normally don’t last long in leadership because there would make their employees unhappy and we all know that an unhappy employee won’t be a good producer. There ways to improve a bad boss if they want to improve. One way to do that is to make sure that middle level supervisors and managers have the support they need from upper management. I believe that leadership training should be an ongoing thing.

I feel that in every organization there should be a hotline that employees can call to give feedback on how they feel their leadership is going. Once that feedback is collected it should be used as a training tool. Listening to the employees and responding to their needs and wants is in my opinion, the most effective way to go. During the hiring process employers should make sure that the leader they has the characteristic of a good leader. No one wants a bossy dictator as a boss. I have been in the workforce for over ten years and in that time I have had more good managers than bad.

I think that is because it all comes down to respecting a person and there position. There have been times when my coworker s has come to me complaining about our boss. What I have found is that most of the time it not the boss at all it’s the employee view of their boss. Most people who don’t like their boss don’t like their job. I believe that if a person doesn’t like their job there is a likely chance they don’t like their boss because that the boss is only there to enforce the rules and doesn’t care employee’s personal feeling.

In some cases they are right. The next time you are trying to determine if you have a good leader look for key traits. One key trait of a good boss is vision. Do they have a vision for the department that they will be managing? What is that vision? Does the vision line up with the companies mission statement? Ask yourself these questions. The next trait you should look for is wisdom. What useful knowledge can this person bring to the organization? Good leaders are strategic, wise and perceptive. The next question you should ask yourself about your boss is if he people are they passionate about what he or she does? Good bosses are very passionate people. They operate with such a high level of passion that they get consumed in it. They take action! Good leaders are determined to attain their goals. They know that the journey reaching their destination can be filled with problems. However, they are persistent people and are willing to put in the long hour and hard work to ensure that their goal is meet. Good leaders mean what they say. They have integrity.

They’re individuals who keep their guarantees and they do not play the old political games that plenty of others do. People find them reliable and as such are dedicated to them. Not all good bosses carry every single trait. They might be strong in some areas and lacking in others. But just remember, it isn’t about being perfect, but understanding that bosses are human too; no one is perfect. Make an effort to try and get to know your boss and be a little more understanding about what they might be challenged with in their day to day duties.

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