Performance Appraisal and Its Negative Feedback Essay

A performance appraisal system had been established in that firm several years ago. The management with the help of consultants, conducted several innovative experiments and introduced many improvements in their existing system. The company believes that the system of performance appraisal is a strong tool and if it is wrongly rated, the results may mar . It printed on the format , a flowchart with full details mentioning dates and months for execution. At first ,it would go to the appraisee who would write down, if any, all his non-routine and excellent achievements in the self-appraisal column.

Then the rather, his immediate boss ,would put his remarks on this and would rate the appraise by ticking ‘outstanding, good,fair and unsatisfactory’ on the columns of quality of output, job knowledge, decision-making, communication skills, human relations, planning and organizing, creativity and initiative, leadership, time management etc. The reviewer would thoroughly review column by column and would give his opinion. Before it was sent to the top management for better transparency, the signature of the appraisee was obtained.

This system was in vogue and the management took pride in this modified system, which resulted in retention of employees. The blank form was given to SD Misra ,Manager (HR),a very sincere and a highly dedicated employee, who had achieved ‘outstanding’ rank for the last six years, for writing in the self-appraisal column. He did certain critical jobs during the year and wrote three. One, the industry suffered a scarcity of water during summer, which affected their industrial canteen also. Misra who was in-charge of the canteen, went to the small dam from where they receive water.

He found the pipeline supplying water to the industry’s main pump during night time everyday. One night, he went along with his assistant and observed to his surprise that the employee of the dam has closed the valve of their pipeline and had opened another valve for supply of water to another company. They caught that person and stopped this malpractise and continued to visit that place during nights for more than a week. The problem of scarcity of water was solved with this initiative.

Two, there was an accident just outside the factory’s gate where one of the employees was killed by a speeding lorry. It was about 2:15 p. m. when Misra received this sad news. He rushed to the spot and identified the employee. The doctor of their first-aid was brought who declared the employee dead. He took the responsibility of breaking this news to his family staying at a village at a distance of 12 kms. He met the police, who had already reached the accident spot, and ccompletely involved himself in the whole job of police formalities, post-mortem of the body.

Due to some politician’s interference, the family members refused to accept the body till the management promised a job for one of the family members of the deceased. Misra made successful negotiations with the family, which gave up its agitation and accepted the body for the cremation. He received two appreciation letters from MD for these two successful achievements. Three, once Misra arranged a meeting for finalizing a three-day in-house training programme at one of their group companies,73 kms away.

He was to go three along with his three colleagues. The driver was told to make jeep ready. Next morning, there were to start by 7 a. m. and all four were present. The driver phoned saying that his daughter was sick and he could not come to duty. Misra was firm in his resolve that “Our programme goes on as usual and there shall be no postponement. Misra said that he is going to drive the jeep and said ”One employee cannot disturb any of our scheduled programmes”. He drove the jeep to and fro and finished the job successfully.

Having written these three achievements in the self appraisal column,he handed them over to his immediate boss, KM Singh, Sr. Manager(HR),in a confidential envelope. KM Singh, who is known to be a procrastinator and lethargic, kept pending all appraisal forms till last day. Further, he had three enquiry reports for study and comments. Out of these, one was a case of suspension pending enquiry. He had kept pending all these reports and appraisals, which had now become urgent. His boss was pressurizing him to complete this jobs immediately.

KM Singh took up the suspending pending enquiry case first . It took more than a day. He then began rating nine appraisals and completed the job without any concern for the consequences. The form, with comments of the rater and the reviewer, came back to Misra for his signature. He was shocked and reacted very sharply. It was an ‘unsatisfactory’ appraisal which he had seen for the first time. The cool and gentle Misra lost all his patience. He now began thinking. KM Singh wanted to promote his junior, Srivastav, and had deliberately spoiled his appraisal.

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