Phidias & Associates Essay

In the best interest of the productivity and success of Phidias & Associates, I’d like to suggest the adoption of a corporate strategy already in use by NASA and other leading countries across the world. Corporate napping is an exceptionally cost-effective and efficient way to improve the accuracy, alertness, and speed of workers by as much as 34%. The conversion of Phidias & Associates to a nap friendly zone would enhance the experience of around 92% of employees.

Immediate improvements in energy, creativity, problem-solving, and job satisfaction would be in the bright future of this company. The first step to realizing the reality of this advancement is the addition of a nap room to the offices of Phidias & Associates. What other room in our building can offer such impressive gains for our country? A nap room doesn’t need to be elaborate. Many companies utilize a sound proof room, several couches, and a dimmer switch to provide a place for employees to recharge and renew.

Rather than rearranging the office space, I’ve discovered an even easier alternative for the company to immediately begin reaping the benefits of corporate napping. The company MetroNaps rents and sells individualized EnergyPods to high-paced future-thinking organizations like Phidias & Associates. For only $12,485, we could purchase an EnergyPod. There’s also the option to rent EnergyPods for only $10/per employee/per month. A productivity boom is only a small investment away! In addition to a place to nap, our employees will require one other change to fully embrace this advancement.

In America, a strong negative stigma surrounds the concept of napping in the workforce. This judgment is holding back our country’s and company’s potential for success. Other countries, like Japan, and some of our own country’s top leaders, like Thomas Edison and John Kennedy, utilized napping for its purpose-the restore energy. A few brief informative meetings and distribution of educational materials could change the mindset of Phidias & Associates to view napping as a tool for our company’s growth.

Ten and twenty years ago, large and successful companies modernized their facilities by adding fitness centers. Realizing that physical and mental health extends beyond the benefits of exercise, corporate napping is what’s missing from our organization. By becoming a leader in the industry, we can harness the secret gains of this largely unknown trick to boosting productivity. Nap rooms benefit the executives, the employees, and the advancement of Phidias & Associates. Please consider the lofty paybacks of installing a nap room and e-mail me your reply.

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