Principles of Management Essay

“The managers role is critical to helping facilitate the establishment of effective peer review structures and processes. ” GEORGE, V. , & HAAG-HEITMAN, B. (2011). Without a responsible and effective manager there wouldn’t be a huge camaraderie in the work place environment. A manager is an inspiration for work ethic and helps others be motivated to strive for the best. Managers also delegate the work load and make sure the employees stay on task and accomplish their tasks in a safe and timely manner. The manager needs to be the motivator to get things completed so that the business is ran smoothly.

Managers do have an advantage because they really don’t have to motivate someone but being a leader you have to know different techniques to getting things done in a fun or motivating way so they have to have a good imagination or be great at thinking outside the box. The manager also needs to make sure he/she has things organized so that things can be accessed easily or even dealt with easily rather than being constantly confused. Communication and organization go hand in hand for managers. Three traits that are important to have to be an effective manager would be communication motivation and organization.

Communication because if they can’t go out of the way to talk to their employees then things will get a bit confusing and will cause issues in the work place. Motivation because without a motivator there’s no push to get things done since there’s little inspiration. Organization because you need to have your ducks in a row to make sure things are done correctly and in the right fashion. Otherwise, without these three traits, being a manager would be quite hard. Many things are needed to be able to talk to your employees and explain what needs to be done as well as giving them the push to get it done correctly.

When you have all your “ducks” or ideas in a row it helps you make better decisions and get things done in a faster fashion. Having everything where they are supposed to be makes everything that much easier to access. For instance if there is a problem with a manager and an employee regarding how long a lunch break is, then if you know where the hand book is you can grab it and tell them exactly how long as well as telling the employee the reasons why as well. Not to mention if you have everything organized and done as well then you won’t be bombarded with this argument so you can have complete focus on it.

Organizational habits make the work place less stressful which helps with making good decisions. The four functions of management are planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Many different things are thought out and gone through in order to really grasp the order to manage properly. Some people can do this on the whim of their day but others have to go thru the process to make sure everything is done correctly step by step. Planning is the first step because it gets the core information out like the who what where when why and how of things.

Then you have to organize your information to really look at what needs to be handled and what to tackle first. Once things are in place and you know your next moves you then the manager sets out to do his job and points others into the right direction. Managers know what they can and can’t do and how much money they have to play with in order to get it done.

When this is done correctly managers can use this tactical advantage with many things like learning what the economy is wanting to get it out on the market to even selling them something promising that will be the next big thing. To perform the four managerial tasks efficiently and effectively, organizations group or differentiate their managers in two main ways – by level in hierarchy and by type of skill. ” (Jones, G. , & George, J. 2011) Managers have to be head strong and know what needs to be accomplished. A manager is an inspiration for work ethic and helps others be motivated to strive for the best. Managers also delegate the work load and make sure the employees stay on task and accomplish their tasks in a safe and timely manner.

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