Project management Essay


Project Management is an art of managing the resources in such a way that the project gets completed within the scope ,time and constraints defined for the project .Project is one time –activity to create an unique product or service. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables), undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives typically to bring about beneficial change or added value. This project involves opening a new multi cuisine intercontinental five star hotel restaurant in Kuwait satiating the tastes and desires of people belonging to various ethnic backgrounds.

Using the project management principles we would like to break down this project into 4 different phases which are as follows

1- Defining Stage
2- Planning Stage
3- Executing
4 Delivering – cannot be practiced due to lack
Of time. However, we will be running through those phases in the coming 4 – 5 Months as we proceed in the project.
Under the first two phases we have main topics to cover as follows DEFINING PHASE
This multi cuisine restaurant which will be opened at the heart of the city in Kuwait will have wide variety of cuisines e.g. European, Chinese Japanese, Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.

2. Specification

The restaurant will have 350 seats and the Kitchen is Open, all the cooking stations are in the restaurant seating area .The design is being done by a leading Japanese designer “Super Potato” The area of the Restaurant is 1600 square metre. Mission & vision

Mission Statement

To provide delicious and good food for everyone ,with high quality ingredients To serve safety, healthy and clean food to the customers
To provide excellent and quality products and services
To provide a healthy environment for employees and customers (Mission statements)

To offer affordable price to the customers.
To deliver safety and clean food to the customers.
To engage in charitable doings and provide healthy food Measures of success (project management):
1- Clearly identify and explain project scope and schedule.
2- Having a clear communication channel with team members and customers. 3- To abide by the budgeting planned.

C. Project Scope
Studying the project scope will help identify the project broad parameters. The Following include project scope checklist that must be defined: – The scope of the project is to or carry-out restaurant in the heart of Kuwait city. The project will be initiated in 2014 and come to completion in August 2015 The project will be considered completed when the restaurant is able to conduct point of sales. The project is slated to cost no more than $750,000

a. Project Objective:
Gabri’s Lounge & Restaurant’s objectives for the first three years of operation include: Keeping food cost fewer than 35% revenue.
Keeping employee labour cost between 24-29% of revenue.
Stay as a small restaurant with excellent food and service.
Averaging sales between $1,000,000-1,500,000 per year.
Promote and expand Leave it to Linda Catering in New Jersey & New York City. Expand our marketing and advertising in New Jersey and New York. Achieve 12% return on investment to investors for the first two years and 15% for the next three years

b. Deliverables:
The project will have 6 milestone phases: research; procurement; renovation and styling; advertising, staff and grand open. The primary deliverables in each phase are as follows:
i) Research Phase:
(a) Market Research
(b) Vendor Acquisition Contracts
(d) Interior Design plans
(e) Exterior Design plans
(f) Site proposal plan
(g) Menu Development
ii) Procurement Phase:
(a) Location Acquisition
(b) Obtain health permits and register business
(c) Kitchen equipment

iii) Renovation and styling:
(a) Demolition
(b) Construction
(c) Repair
(d) Equipment Installation
(f) Janitorial Needs
iv) Advertising
(a) Radio/TV
(b) Newspaper/ Phonebooks
(c) Posters & Flyers
(d) Website
v) Staff
(a) Personnel acquisition
(b) Employee Training Material
(c) Employee Training
(d) Work Scheduling
(e) Janitorial Staffing
vi) Grand opening:
(a) Conduct advertising campaign
(b) Stock food stuffs and dry goods
(c) Establish restaurant flow and timing
(d) Train employees (

Tasks & Responsibilities
The setting up of restaurant involves several tasks which are outlined below: 1) Choose a Restaurant Name
Probably the most fun step in opening a new restaurant. Select a restaurant name that means something. It can be a reflection of your theme or location. i.e. An Italian restaurant called Giovanni’s or it can be called after the owner, such as Paula Den’s Savannah Restaurant, The Lady & Son’s. 2) Find Financing

This is the step that stops most people from actually opening their own restaurant.. Although it is increasingly harder to get financing for a restaurant, it is not impossible. Between banks, small business agencies and private investors, financing is possible. But you need to show up to your interview prepared and Professional, showing potential investors that you know what you are doing. 3) Apply for Licenses and Permits

Many licenses and permits take several weeks, even months to be approved. So as soon as you know you are good to go with your financing, you should start filling the paperwork. Common licenses and permits for restaurants, regardless of state include liquor licenses, sign permits and workers compensation. Apply for necessary licenses Heath department, Food manufacturer Water department, Business license, Sales & use tax, Liquor license

4) Design the Restaurant
A large empty space quickly fills up when you start adding commercial kitchens, walk-in refrigerators, a bar, rest rooms and waiting area. The design of a restaurant should be a balance between aesthetics and seating capacity.

5) Restaurant Menu

A well-written restaurant menu should be both descriptive easy to read and have a clear keeping practicality in mind. , uncluttered layout. A few things to avoid on a restaurant menu include clip art and too many disclaimers.

6) Stock you Restaurant

Once you have your restaurant design down, you can start purchasing commercial kitchen equipment and furniture for your dining room and other areas in the front of the house. To save money, consider buying used equipment, as well as leasing certain items. Commercial equipment with the Energy Star logo can cost more at first, but Usually pay for them in as little as one year.

7) Hire Restaurant Staff
As you get closer to opening day you need to begin hiring for both the kitchen and floor. Kitchen staff, wait staff and bartenders are all integral
parts of any restaurant, and you want to hire the perfect person for each position.

8) Advertising about the New Restaurant

Advertising is a must for most new restaurants. Supplement traditional advertising, such as newspapers and radio ads, with new media. Don’t overlook the power of a good website for your restaurant. Use social media sites, like Twitter, MySpace and Face Book, to spread the word about your new place.

9) Pass Final Inspection

During the final inspection, plan check staff makes sure that all necessary corrections have been made and the facility has met all re-quirements, including food safety certification and food handler training. If the facility passes final inspection, then the plan check staffs grants final written approval to operate and issues the public health permi C. Milestones:

The milestones applied in this project are pointed on Microsoft Project Management Schedule attachment it includes the start time, deliverables and the steps involved in Preparing our project. Local finalization, POP false ceiling, Order system testing, Preparing Housekeeping schedule, Registration of license for foodbsuiness and sale of liquor,

E. Limits and Exclusions:
3.5 Constraints:
There are possible constraints associated with various tasks, which means that there is date set by which a task Must be completed.
(1) Vendor Acquisition: Without the appropriate vendors we will not be able to acquire the goods and Services needed to launch the restaurant.
(2) Location Acquisition if not completed in time we will not be able to acquire the various permits necessary.
(3) Cannot start demolition and renovation of facility without the preconstruction permit.
(4) Supplier delay in goods and services can delay renovation and opening.
(5) Contractor resources limitations
(6) Delivery of equipment

(limits & constraints)

Work Break Down Structure

Project planning
a) Staffing
1 General Manager






b) Budgeting
Important Assumptions
The financial plan depends on important assumptions, most of which are shown in the following table as annual figures. The key underlying assumptions are: We assume a slow-growth economy, without major recession.

We assume that there are no unforeseen changes in the expectancy in the popularity of our restaurant. We assume access to investments and financing are sufficient to maintain and fulfil our financial plan as shown in the tables.

We recommend using Live Plan as the easiest way to create automatic financials for your own business plan.

Projected Balance Sheet
The projected Balance Sheet is quite solid. We do not anticipate difficulty meeting our debt obligations providing that we achieve our specific goals.

Project Executing
1. Status reports: Our restaurant project is moving on the right way as we are moving in an organized and planned life span. Finding the location, budget and cost planning, licensing and certifications, decorations, staffing and buying supplies; each task is planned to start and finish in way that not to delay our project implementation. Everything is moving within our project budgeting plan in order to not face any shortage or any failure. We are trying to implement our project in a way with low cost. We used the available man power s in interior design major in decorations; we used low cost workers for painting and implementing the decorations Also, we asked to provide us with its clinic for emergency cases. Water and electricity to be under responsibility as it is part of the contract

2. Changes: In our Restaurant project we may not have serious changes among our implementation step. Because, our location should be stable as it is which is opening for a long run basis.. The changes may happened because of new government laws, and increasing in supplies costs. Those changes may happen for all business and projects which will have a direct solution from the government. Busy

Babies Project Management

3. Quality: we have chosen specialized chefs and cooks maintain international standard them safe and have taken all the necessary measures to maintain safety standards and regulations,

4. Forecasts: our restaurant will be a grand success and be popular especially in Kuwait . It may increase popularity as it will be as a part of our services for people point of view which will increase our focus on especially families. Also, after reaching high popularity in we may open new branches in other cities in Kuwait.

Risk management
The six principal risks identified, together with details of controls, mitigation and assurance plans are summarised belowLoading embed code… ×
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Mitigation controls
Monitoring and assurance
Current trend
Health and safety risk: serious health or provenance issue relating to food. The expertise of members of the procurement, food development and safety and security teams. Stringent food safety policies and a detailed sourcing policy. New traceability and testing requirements introduced in respect of processed meat.

NSF, an independent company, carries out regular audits on all suppliers to measure their performance against a range of health and safety standards. Health and safety is a hurdle on the WIN card. Regular updates are provided to the management boards and to the Board.


Market risk: improvement in competitor financial health and/or competitor activity can result in a loss of market share. Actions to outperform the competition are developed on a strategic and tactical basis. Significant customer research is carried out with Premier Inn,. The customer insight received is used to develop action plans. Monthly reports are produced by each business for the Board. Relative market share information and timely trading performance data is produced and monitored by the executive teams and the Board. Premier Inn

Financial risk: significant increase in the costs and expenses Constitution of new Committee and its advisers, as well as the, have significant expertise in the area and provide good quality oversight. The advisors and the Company report regularly to the Board on the funding level and investment strategy of the fund.

Third–party risk: third–party failing and consequently breaching the terms of a significant contract or giving rises to a privacy of contract claim. Credit control checks are carried out on parties to significant contracts, along with the continued auditing and monitoring of those contracts. Regular reviews are carried out on the potential for privacy of contract claims Asset management team and credit controllers monitor risks. There is a regular review of the debtors’ registers by the management boards. Financial controllers review status at half and full–year.

Operational risk: loss of key employees.
It is important that the Company continues to offer key employees appropriate levels of reward and recognition in order to retain them.. The Group HR function monitors the number of key employees leaving the Company and conducts exit interviews to understand the reasons. Succession plans are reviewed regularly.

Operational risk: data security breach resulting in the loss, or improper
access to, customer or confidential data. The expertise of the IS team in protecting the systems and network. IS security training has been delivered to employees. Legal advisers monitor new legislation and advise the IS team. Systems are continually monitored for irregular activity. The disaster recovery plans are reviewed by the Audit Committee.

Project Delivering:
Resources and staff release:
Where project materials/equipment have been reallocated to other projects and tasks reassigned to team members and staff. Lessons learned:
Form an essential part of the project delivery phase. It helps answer the following Questions during project delivery.
Did the delivered product / solution meet the project requirements and Objectives? Was the customer satisfied?
Was Project Schedule Met?
Was the Project completed within Budgeted Cost?
Were the risks identified and mitigated?
What could be done to improve the process?
So, the service we are providing have met the project requirements and objectives and Customers are very satisfied with our services and the environment that we provide for The project has been completed within the schedule and budget and never exceeded it. Risks were identified, managed and reduced.

What could have made the process even better are more time and better team Cooperation
But these are some suggestions we think it helps for next year or in future. We can reduce the cost by having some deals with companies for supplying the necessaries for this project Conclusion
In the conclusion we witnessed the importance of abiding by the framework of managing a project. The frame work assisted in identifying where our key weaknesses and strengths are and the budget status. We already identified the need of this service through previous marketing analysis and have used the Project Management strategy to help make this project a success. We defined all the aspects related to the defining and planning phases.

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