Request for Proposal (Rfp) Essay

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report was to find information about RFP in order to successfully implement Supply Chain Management software. The main source for all this information was the internet. Each of the RFP sources have an assortment of advantages and disadvantages. However, after analyzing each of them carefully, I came to the conclusion that the first and second option together would be the best choice to use since we are doing this for the first time. This decision would initially be costly but would reduce the expenses in the future. It would also be efficient because it would allow us to eliminate inferior vendors, which in turn would facilitate us in implementing the appropriate SCM software. Additionally, it would reduce project costs and formalize our problems and opportunities. All in all, after extensive research and analysis, I would say that this is the best decision for us to undertake.

Table of Contents

1.Executive Summary

2.Summary of Research

3.Review of the source



Summary of Research


1.Internet searching
•Websites that provided information about Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Request For Proposal (RFP) 2.Analyzed and evaluated the information and
3.Selected a few reliable sources
4.Read selected information
5.Chose three sources
6.Analyzed the sources
7.Summarized each of them

Resources used

The main resource used was the internet. The following resources were utilized: Priority Integrated Marketing, Technology Evaluation Centers website. Finding as much information about the subject as possible in order to read and compare was important. Comparison of the information allowed me to determine the description of RFP and decide which information could be useful. In order to confirm the resources were reliable, a criterion of whether the website belonged to a professional company had to be met. Additionally, most of the resources gave general descriptions, but only those that could be useful were selected. A thorough read of all the information provided in order to isolate the most important aspects had to be undertaken.

Review of the source

RFP # 1
Source: Priority Integrated Marketing
Title: “How to Write a Request for Proposal (RFP)”

•Explained the purpose of RFP
•Listed the common elements of RFP
•Described type of writing (language) that should be used •Emphasized the most important element of RFP
•Provided RFP template
•Described RFP process steps •Elements description is too vague •Template is general
•RFP real example not included

RFP # 2
Source: Technology Evaluation Centers
Title: “Supply Chain Management (SCM) RFP Template”

•RFP Template for concrete purpose such as SCM
•Listed SCM functions
•A free sample in Excel included
•Possibility to order appropriate template
•Ordered template developed by the professionals
•Template delivered as Excel spreadsheet
•Purpose of RFP is not explained
•Described RFP generally
•Free sample is for transportation service
•Ordered template is not free

RFP # 3
Source: Internet
Title: “ABC of RFP: how to develop an effective request for hazardous waste management services”

•Describes the importance and purpose of RFP
•Process divided in stages
•Explanation of every stage
•Summary of key consideration at the end of stage A and B
•RFP for the waste service
•Some points not relevant
•RFP for longer term cooperation
•Template is not included

As was mentioned in one of the sources, RFP is time consuming. However, a good RFP could be beneficial for the company especially if the correct SCM software had to be chosen. Since this is the first time we are using RFP, we should use a combination of both option 1 and option 2. The first option explained the purpose and intention of RFP. It explains all the elements that need to be included in RFP, with brief descriptions accompanying each of them, and emphasizes the most important element. Also, it describes all the steps that should be taken into consideration. In addition, the first one included a request for proposal template which would give us an idea of how it is supposed to look like. The second option is a typical Supply Chain Management (SCM) RFP template which could be useful in our current situation. It lists the features and functions, and serves as a knowledge foundation reference throughout the entire time of our SCM software project utilization. Furthermore, the second option provides a free sample in Excel that we can use in order to prepare our RFP. Moreover, it also gives the option for ordering the appropriate RFP for our current situation which we can take into consideration because it is our first time using RFP. Although, it could be costly, a good RFP would eliminate inferior vendors and help use implement correct SCM software, which would be beneficial towards, and reduce future expenses.


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