Reward system Essay

1. 1Executive summary: Pizza hut is an American restaurant that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes pasta, Buffalo wings etc. it was founded in 1958 by the brothers Dan and Frank Carney in their hometown. And latter on they expand their business to all over the world. In Pakistan first branch of pizza hut was opened in 1993 in Clifton Karachi. It is the franchiser of MCR (MANZAR COORNAY RIAZ) (PVT) LTD that is now owned by Habib Oil. MANZAR RIAZ was the first person who franchises the pizza hut.

Overall it has 25 branches in all over the country. During the past four decades Pizza Hut has built a reputation for excellence that has earned the respect of consumers in Pakistan. Building a leading pizza company has required relentless innovation, commitment to quality and dedication to customer service and value. We are going to study this organization in three phases (Analysis phase, Design phase and implementation phase). In Analysis phase, we are going to examine the organization culture, effect of IT and globalization, study of company reward systems.

In design phase we are going to modify company reward system and policies regarding organization behavior towards its employees and customer dealing. In implementation phase we will introduce some changes in culture and behavioral policies 1. 2Company Profile: * History: Pizza hut is an American restaurant that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes pasta, Buffalo wings etc. it was founded in 1958 by the brothers Dan and Frank Carney in their hometown. And latter on they expand their business to all over the world.

* Vision: The vision of the PIZZA HUT is that “reach on the top of the peak to provide best service and taste” & “customer satisfaction” * PIZZA HUT MISSSION STATEMENT: We take pride in making a perfect pizza and providing customer a helpful service on all the time. so that every customer says “I will be back”. 1. 3Organizational chart: To be filled 1. 4Employee behavioral management policy: The management system of PIZZA HUT is very strong. No person can deviate from his duties that cause problem.

It is in the mission statement of PIZZA HUT that every boss has a boss. So a check prevails on all the employee and they don’t derivate from their duties that cause any disturbance. 1. 5Methodologies used/business process: * Customer satisfaction: We listen and response to the voice of the customer. Belief in people: We believe in people, trust in positive intentions, encourage ideas from everyone and actively develop a workforce that is diverse in style and background. Recognition:

We find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others and have fun doing it. Accountability: I. We do what we say II. We are accountable III. We act like owners Excellence: We take pride in our work and have a passion for excellence. 1. 6 Scope of Work: To be filled ANALYSIS PHASE/ IDENTIFICATION PHASE 2. 2Study of effects of IT and globalization of the organization: Now a day’s technology is improving so as baking and heating ovens will be of new and efficient technology and will provide efficient service.

Due to new technology there are new ways of marketing like internet, telemarketing. With the help of internet Pizza hut can advertise their organization better (i. e. providing all information about their products to the customers just at one click). A telemarketing is also useful for Pizza hut in enhancing their business. A part from that Pizza Hut is using MIS (Managing information system) which is a computer based system and used to manage the data of the customer. 2. 4Identification of culture type and effects of culture on organizational performance:

If we analyze Pizza hut’s culture then we may say that Pizza Hut is an organization which presents the role culture. As everyone is assigned a role to do in the organization all the employees focus on their particular role as assigned to them by their job description and this should increase productivity for the company From top to bottom every one is participating in making Pizza Hut a successful organization. Either cure members or the manager is playing a role in the organization. 2. 5Analysis of organizational reward systems (monetary and non monetary)

* Monetary rewards: Reward System The system of pay and benefits used by the firm to reward workers * Flexibly at work * Holiday’s work allowance CHAMPS Program Pizza Hut introduce a new program, that is CHAMPS for check on worker and on the bases of this program they give them bonuses. * C-clearness * H-hospitality * A-accuracy * M-maintenance * P-product quality * S-speed * Non- Monitory rewards: 2. 8Study of managerial communication processes: Managerial communication is the communication of the managers to their employees.

And just like other organizations in Pizza Hut this communication is also a one way communication means only managers is allowed to give the order to his employees and it is compulsory to the employees as described in their job descriptions. On the other hand employee can give order to the managers he just have to listen and obey the order. This is the duty of the employee. 2. 9How many organizational benefits are provided by organizational management?

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