Riordan New Proposal Project Essay

Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer that was founded by Dr. Riordan in 1991. Dr. Riordan obtained several patents that later turned into commercial applications that developed his company in to a Fortune 1000 enterprise, employing 550 people with projected earnings of $46 million dollars and over $1 billion in revenues. In 1993 the company expanded from high tensile strength plastics and fans into producing plastic beverage containers. The company’s latest expansion was in 2000 when it opened operations in China. Riordan Manufacturing is the industry leader in using polymer materials with future goals of achieving and maintaining reasonable profitability to ensure and sustain growth (Apollo, 2005). In response to Hugh McCauley’s, Riordan Manufacturing Chief Operations Officer‘s (COO) concern about the antiquated processes and his requirements the team analyzed the manual and redundant processes of the current Human Resources System Integration (HRIS). The team has determined with the use of state-of-the art information technology system the current manual intensive, multi-functional processes can be integrated into a single system.

The team has kept in consideration that the integrated HRIS has to be accessible by all of Riordan’s plant locations. Based on the request the new system should be completed and available for use by the second quarter of next year. The team along with Hugh McCauley will determine how to develop the project test plan, determine resources, and how best to acquire the staff to meet the needs of the project. From initiation to lifecycle management will allow flexibility and future growth modification to the HRIS system. The HRIS will include gathering techniques and designing method applications for managers, supervisors, representatives, and employees that will consolidate all data from the manufacturing plants into a database management system (DBMS). The HRIS system will be a comprehensive conglomerate that integrates procedures for collecting, storing, maintaining, retrieving, and validating data needed by all personnel within an organization (Apollo, 2006). This will require active involvement from key HR representatives for success.

Automation will be critical in cutting administrative costs and maximize on HR representatives time. An enterprise social network will also benefit Riordan Manufacturing from the bottom up. Cross department sharing from employees on lightweight workflow, files such as shipping documents will give a better view of information flow than the static system currently in place (Rainer & Cegielski, 2012). The new HRIS will improve the climate of Riordan from the warehouse worker to the COO. With the improvement of climate the communication will become more fluid and streamlined. Instituting a climate survey upon implementing the new integrated HRIS will validate the new system. Riordan Manufacturing has a well-maintained hardware configuration that is relevant with current technology. The team has determined through discussions with HR and the other departments that an improvement in workflow is of paramount concern and a recommendation was submitted to the COO to modify the current process.

We understand the sensitivity of the information contained in the system and the need to protect it. Using the diagram as reference, personnel will be able to access files as needed based on their access levels. Currently managers do not have on-demand access to potential employee information, which makes the current process laborious and timely. The data will be restricted based on need-to-know, need-to-access and files can be shared across multiple departments instead of the current practice of tasks filtered through redundant layers ultimately costing the company unnecessary man hour dollars. Below are the current Riordan’s HR Structure and Hierarchy (Riordan HR Integration Project, 2010). The department would benefit greatly from a tracking process so that time and money can be conserved to benefit the company’s future growth plans. The new HRIS will be tested by current employees to ensure the functionality of workflow meet their needs, also the vision, and focus of Riordan Manufacturing (Turban & Volonino, 2011).

The system encompasses three major elements that can be utilized by all of Riordan’s locations. A Business System that will provide workers and management processes with key company guidelines on legal issue to include the protection of client and employee information. A module for Sub-Systems that will include policies, procedures, organization charts, job descriptions and classifications, legal compliance information, and resource management that pulls mundane tasks into automation. An Interrelation module that will assist new hires with internal information, direct relationships with key departments on budgeting concerns, coordinated employee compliance, and employee interrelationship through social media that will enhance collaboration interdepartmental and workflow levels. The planning through implement stage of Riordan Manufacturing’s new Human Resources Information System will be a large endeavor. The participation of every department within Riordan is a must for success considering all departments connect to Human Resources. Riordan’s current system of operations is manpower intensive because of its’ current manual processes and antiquity of over a decade.

The HR information system is in need of an upgrade to modern technology to include streamlining processes and social media networking applications. Riordan’s most valuable resource are its people, it is time that HR stepped up and lead the company into the future through innovation and interdepartmental collaboration at its finest. The planning through implement stage of Riordan Manufacturing’s new Human Resources Information System (HRIS) has indicated numerous areas for improvement. The HRIS is an integral part of the Riordan’s financial systems package and keeps track of critical employee information. There are significant inefficiencies within Riordan, from company recruiters who collect and maintain independent recruiting efforts to payroll clerks who track employee applications and resumes using a centrally located Excel spreadsheet. Riordan lacks a centralized system that allows users to access the relevant HR information that would support the department and assist personnel in completing their work effectively. The company has a vested interest in establishing information flow and proper access controls which directly relate to customer support plus employee management (Rainer& Cegielski, 2012).

The Riordan HR diagram below illustrates the importance of Management Information Systems (MIS) so that the essential tools and information can be in the hands of the application users and decision makers. The expectations of Riordan’s Human Resource Department has changed and the need to advance it into a company profitability factor relies on the department developing processes and training programs in customer service, project management, sales, process improvement, and leadership developments that focus on performance issues of their internal and external customers. This involves a business process change that requires Riordan’s HR to partner with the Operations and Sales Department stakeholders.

The new partnership will serve as catalyst in forging internal alliances and agreements for improved relationships all with the goal to increase sales and lower costs. The flow diagram below is a description of Riordan’s human resources department proposed process change. This will enable the department to move toward a better future by developing human capital resources in refining its ability to re-valuate the internal and external processes. Riordan’s HR proposed innovations of information flow and business process changes cannot reach reality without an integrated Internet access (Apollo, 2006). Upgrading to an interface that bridges the user with real-time functionality and access operations will optimize user interaction. To bring the human resources department up-to-date with new technology the software should be installed at the Riordan’s main location in San Jose, California. The branch locations in Georgia, Michigan, and Hangzhou China will connect remotely that will minimize disruption of operations and improve the competency of the related components. There are multiple application and process designs available that will target the Riordan employees by providing easy to use, self-guided drop down tabs. The company would benefit from outsourcing the development of a tailored HR interfaced Internet access system so that the following tabs and sub-tabs can be streamlined for functionality:

Personnel Scheduling
Workers Comp Tracking
Performance Appraisals
Employment Interviewing
Payroll and Attendance System
Position Control
Position Classification
Affirmative Action
Automated Increase Processing
Audio-Visual Systems
Photo ID System
Voice Recognition Systems
Pool Account Budgeting
Budget Preparation
Salary Base (Component of the Budget Preparation)
Compensation & Benefits Administration
Flexible and Traditional Benefits Administration
Compensation Administration
Salary Survey
On-Line Documents
Policies/ Regulations
Employee Handbooks
Faculty Handbooks
Job Descriptions
Misc Documents
HR Regulations
Company Policies
Company Regulations
State & Federal Regulations
Training & HR Development
Faculty Handbooks
Job Analysis and Descriptions
Employee Testing
Company Recruitment
Executive Search
HR Job Opportunities
On-Line Career

The tabular structured program accesses all of the employee information stored from one central location and will allow users to obtain data for which he or she is searching for (Phillips, 2012). The proposed system provides collaboration on an internal forum that will be headed by the HR department head. The forum will be a direct link to company stakeholders as a tool for customer service and relaying of company-wide information. For the system to work properly and to be secure, user profiles will be used to access need to know information. According to Pratt (2008) “Human resources departments typically have some of the biggest collections of sensitive data in any organization.” The team will submit two options to the COO of Riordan Manufacturing concerning the protection and security of the sensitive information. The first option will be to hire an outside company that will reduce the workload on current employees. The second option will be for Riordan to acquire the extra technical expertise that will be necessary to manage the workflow of information throughout the company.

The participation of every department within Riordan is a must for success considering all departments connect to Human Resources. Riordan’s current system of operations is manpower intensive because of its’ current manual processes and antiquity of over a decade. The HR information system is in need of an upgrade to modern technology to include streamlining processes and social media networking applications. Riordan’s most valuable resource are its people, it is time that HR stepped up and lead the company into the future through innovation and interdepartmental collaboration at its finest. HRIS software is used to organize an employee’s data. Human resources use this program to perform record keeping functions in a more efficient way; making companies successful at change and better resource managers. Every new activity, every new product, every new project in the workplace is created in response to need (Mind Tools Ltd, 1996-2012).

Riordan has found that the company is in a situation of mismatch between time and resources. Regardless of the money that has been put into the current human resources department, a functional change is necessary to bridge the divide of what has been designed and what is needed. Riordan’s requirements should include discovering, defining, analyzing, and documenting specific HR business objectives. After determining requirements the next step will be establishing objectives to cover the functional, operational, technical, and transitional requirements. The proposed Human Resource Information System Solution for Riordan Manufacturing will involve policy and procedure modifications for employees and business partners; at present there are very few formal in place. Management is looking for a solution that can make the day-to-day HR functions more efficient: Those functions will include at a minimum:

• Time Keeping
• Vacations and Holidays
• Leaves for sickness
• Evaluation and Performance appraisals
• Recruitment

The solutions must fit the focused goals of Riordan and must be fully web integrated so that the employees can processes their work regardless of location. The solution will involve formalized job descriptions for each job in the company allowing a foundation toward better job evaluations and appraisals as well as performance management, training, and recruitment decisions. The diagram below shows that the HR functions that have been neglected, inefficiently performed or delayed will be concentrated on by assigning dedicated web applications or skilled personnel to ensure their completion and compliance. The payrolls manual processing must be transferred from the accounts department to human resources’ newly formulated automated web application. Riordan will resolve their HR data deficiencies and information flow concerns through the use of the proposed enterprise portal.

The portal will consolidate, manage data flow, and analyze all through a web-based and functional interface (Caswell, 2011). This will allow HR representatives and employees to search and retrieve necessary information to complete their tasks. For Riordan the concept of an enterprise portal is a major architectural change in system structure and poses various challenges in employee training and motivation. The company’s’ business volume has increased exponentially with time and technology, making it necessary to keep accounts accurately for legal and auditing purposes. The increase in volume also is true for external data from partners, which is used in Riordan’s organizational decision-making processing throughout the departments.

Currently data is scattered throughout the Riordan Manufacturing departments and is created, managed, and collected by many individual using different applications, and methods. That same data is stored in file cabinets, desks, and in minimal cases electronically in different formats and computing systems. The company’s inherent problem of accessing data, data flow, and management of data brings into question the security of the information handled Manufacturing (Turban & Volonino, 2011). Riordan Manufacturing adherence to regulatory requirements is one reason it is essential to streamline and update the company’s current HRIS. With the global reach of Riordan, privacy laws must be in compliance regarding its current or future employee records (Apollo, 2006). The human resource department is responsible for maintaining sensitive information such as background checks, medical records, and performance reviews. Data that has value is called information. The value of data is complex and is a composite of many things; the number of employees who access data and derive information from it, the more security concerns rise.

The data exchanged, and the interface shall be classified sensitive and compartmentalized using a need to know access control model. Caswell (2011) “According to this year’s benchmark findings, data breaches cost companies an average of $194 per compromised record – of which $135 pertains to indirect costs including abnormal turnover or churn of existing and future customers Riordan must concentrate its efforts on the security paradox; threats from the outside or perimeter and the new threats against information.” The company needs to treat data security as a type of investment; toward people and the growth of the company. A human resources department is a force provider in enforcing a company’s security policies. The department is responsible for educating and assisting in working through the company’s policy and in dealing with policy breaches. Data security, quality, and integrity are valued commodities for a business who wishes to continue to prosper and grow, but the improper handling can also easily jeopardize its future (Pratt, 2008). Riordan’s need to consolidate data that has been created offline and potentially could be out-of-date is a data manager idea of a horror story.

Through the use of data management solutions that support transactions processing in one location supports a more secure and efficient high-volume business. What also need to be considered are the multinational laws that Riordan had to adhere to because of its global footprint; legal requirements relating to data vary by country. It would be remiss to overlook the security of employees within the company because security falls under the domain of human resources. To take a safer, smarter approach toward personnel security the proposal will also include recommendations for company badges. A badge policy would keep track of employees as they come and go plus alert employees to the presence of a visitor. Monitoring equipment should also be considered as this would be ideal for public gathering places to record any activity after hours by using a motion sensor system. Throughout the recommended proposals the one topic that has not been addressed has been training.

Human Resources’ is an important element of every business with employees, and is a department that continually requires training and commitment. HR provides career and development program training and access to the company’s employees (Apollo, 2006). Riordan would have to invest in additional training and the return on investment would benefit the company in the end. Riordan would use the training to educate the current and new employees in the use of policy, security, HRIS, compliance, and enterprise portal. Training will lead to the long-range goal of company employee retention and with that comes loyalty. The logical deduction would be that human resources practices are the foundation of any organization and an important if not the most important asset next to the company’s employees. Human resources duties involve staffing, employee relations, benefits, compensations, and training that collectively account for a large percentage of revenue of a business. Without efficiencies HR Riordan is unlikely to visualize their true growth potential or see revenue.

Missing from the list of duties would be improving productivity and quality so that the company can gain or retain a competitive advantage in its industry. Riordan’s human resources department’s future ability to organize and manage its personnel and technology is the key factor in sustaining a competitive advantage. The proposal presented to the COO addresses the need for Riordan to use technology to its advantage. This requires the company to institute data security, efficient data flow, data management applications, and training. Encompassing all facets of the proposal will ensure the human resources position as a strategic partner but this requires an evolutionary change that will maximize on diversity of employees and improve on communication; a social network portal and collaboration tool will be beneficial in developing more efficient business ideas. This will allow cross departmental sharing of information and in doing so empower employees. With employee empowerment come a willingness to serve and a common purpose that will enhance favorably the financial and the investment results within Riordan.

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