Saint GBA440 research paper and proposal

GBA 440 – Research Paper Guidelines and Topic Approval Process

This document contains the following information:

· Guidelines for writing the Research Paper due in Module 7

· A list of possible Research Paper topics

· Guidelines for submitting your Research Paper Proposal (due as Assignment 2 in Module 3)

· Grading rubric for the paper (on separate page at the end of the document)

Research Paper Guidelines

1. The paper is to be approximately 10 pages long as follows:

a. Page 1: Cover sheet

b. Page 2: Table of Contents (the listings on this page are to be used as the headings throughout the paper)

c. Page 3: Abstract

d. Pages 4 through 9: Body of the paper (which includes an introduction with a clearly stated thesis and a conclusion at the end of the paper)

e. Page 10: Resources

2. The paper is to be submitted to the Dropbox by the conclusion of Module 7. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)

3. The paper is to be formatted per APA style; in general, this includes the following:

a. Text is to be double-spaced; do not add an extra space between paragraphs.

b. One-inch margins

c. 12-point, Times New Roman font

d. Page numbers (required)

e. Sources must be cited properly using APA style including a references page and in-text/parenthetical citations throughout the paper.

f. Material borrowed verbatim (word-for-word) from resources must appear in quotation marks or in an APA-style block quotation format.

Note: Per APA Guidelines, both quoted material and paraphrased ideas must be cited using areference to the author (or title of the article if the author is not identified) in the text (and/or parenthetically) in the body of the paper. All sources referenced in the paper must appear on the References page, and all sources listed on the References page must be referenced specifically in the paper. Material borrowed verbatim must appear inside quotations marks, as necessary.

4. A minimum of five (5) different resources must be used in writing the paper. Research resources will be limited to those available on the Internet (no Internet accessible books) and may be no more than five (5) years old. This is to ensure that a topic relevant today is being addressed from a current perspective. Avoid Internet subscriber services (such as material available only to AOL members or e-magazine subscribers) and material with restricted access (such as material that may only be accessed from systems running on some .mil or .gov domains).

5. Personal experience may be referenced sparingly in the paper, but must be supported by cited research. One of the important aspects of this assignment is to use resource material properly. Choose resources wisely as they must be appropriate for academic research. Blogs, Wikipedia, and travel websites do not meet these criteria.

6. Avoid the use of “I” and “you.” (Avoid writing from the first person perspective.)

7. Saint Leo’s standard Academic Honesty policy applies.

8. The topic must be approved by the instructor and specifically related to international business and the core values of community and/or personal development. Details of the approval process are included below.

Possible Research Paper Topics

The list below contains possible topics. You can choose one of these as it is written, choose one and modify it, or develop a topic of your own.

1. The cultural aspects of doing business in a specific foreign country. Identify and discuss business management issues pertaining to business culture, business social situations, and business customs. Subtopics might include meeting and greeting, the impact of religion, negotiations, gift-giving, dining etiquette, private space, body language, and so forth.

2. Managing political risk in international business

3. International human resource management. You may want to choose a specific country or a specific issue (e.g., women in business) on which to focus.

4. Management styles in international business

5. Select a company that conducts international business. Identify the company, provide a brief history of the company with a focus on global business interests, explain the current global business activities of the organization, and provide commentary on the operation. Possibilities include Infosys, Nestlé, Wal-Mart, and IKEA. See the Name/Company index in the back of the textbook or search for “Global 500 Fortune Magazine” on the Internet for ideas. Corporate websites and annual reports often contain a plethora of relevant information.


7. European Union (EU)

8. Offshore production (e.g., in China) or offshore services (e.g., IT or customer call centers in India or the Philippines)

Note: See below for the format to be used for the topic approval process.Read the document in itsentirety before submitting your proposal.

Research Paper Topic Approval Process

The topic approval process is intended to bring the student and instructor to a place of understanding as to the topic approved and the requirements for the paper. The steps are as follows:

1. Identify a topic that interests you.

2. Perform some preliminary research to familiarize yourself with the topic and available sources.

3. Submit a proposal containing the information in the format below. This is due as Assignment 2 in

Module 3.

a. Topic

b. A brief description (three-to-four sentences) of what you anticipate writing about in your paper

c. Description of the relationship between your topic and the core values of community and/or personal development

d. A list of five possible subtopics

e. A list of five sources you plan to use. You do not need a complete APA-style reference entry for the topic approval process, though you will for the paper. Provide the title of the article and date (if available) and the URL for the specific article (not the URL for the home page or an index page). Limited use of the textbook is permitted; however, it should not be the primary source.

4. Grading will be based on the following:

a. Completeness of the proposal

b. Clarity of the writing

c. Appropriateness of the topic, subtopics, and resources

Proposal Format

Copy and paste the template below into a Word document and complete.

Student name:

Proposed topic:

Description of the topic (3-4 sentences):

Description of the relationship between your topic and the core values of community and/or personal development

Proposed subtopic 1 and brief description:

Proposed subtopic 2 and brief description:

Proposed subtopic 3 and brief description:

Proposed subtopic 4 and brief description:

Proposed subtopic 5 and brief description:

(Note: The various subtopics are to be labeled in the paper; this will help keep the paper organized.)

Source 1

Title of article:

Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available):

Source 1 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path):

Source 2

Title of article:

Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available):

Source 2 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path):

Source 3

Title of article:

Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available):

Source 3 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path):

Source 4

Title of article:

Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available):

Source 4 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path):

Source 5

Title of article:

Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available):

Source 4 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path):

Respond to the following questions:

· Have you used Turnitin for previous class assignments?

· Are you familiar with Saint Leo’s Academic Honesty policy? (If not, see the syllabus.)

Research Paper Grading Rubric


· Exceptionalcorresponds to an A (90-100). Performance is outstanding; significantly above the usual expectations

· Proficientcorresponds to a grade of B- to B+ (80-89%). Skills are at the level of expectation.

· Basiccorresponds to a C to C+ (70-79%). Skills are acceptable but improvements are needed to meet expectatio

· Novicecorresponds to a D to C- (60-69%). Performance is weak; the skills are not sufficiently demonstrated at thi

· 0This criterion is missing or not in evidence.



Ratings and Points





1. Proficiency,

Does not use research

Alludes to the research

Refers to specific

Knowledge, and

sources to support

sources to support

examples from the


Research Depth



research sources to

(20% of total score)

support premises.






2. Synthesis, Analysis,

Does not integrate

Integrates personal

Integrates personal

and Comprehension

personal observations or

observations and

observations and

(20% of total score)


knowledge in a cursory

knowledge in an accurate









3. Demonstration of

Theoretical terminology is

Terminology is used in

Terminology is used

Theory Knowledge and

not used.

some parts of the paper

throughout the paper.


but not in others. Some

Statements are generally


(25% of total score)

statements may be








4. Organization,

Content is disorganized,

Content is somewhat

Content is organized,

Formulation, Logic,

points of response are

disorganized, points of

points of response are

and Identification of

not distinct, and

response are distinct, but

distinct, and information


Key Points

information is not logically

information is not logically

is logically sequenced.

(15% of total score)








5. Grammar,

Word choice and

Word choice and

Word choice and

Composition, Word

sentence structure are

sentence structure are

sentence structure are

Choice, Sentence

not suitable for university-

not suitable for university-

suitable for university-

Structure, and

level work. Regular

level work. Periodic

level work. Minimal



grammar and

grammar and

grammar and

(10% of total score)

composition errors.

composition errors.

composition errors.





6. Formatting, Layout,

Regular APA errors.

Periodic APA errors.

Minimal APA errors.

& APA Style

(10% of total score)






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