Seaport BUS100 Final Review

Question: The way an employee feels about his or her job, superiors, and place of work is known as morale.

Question: The oldest stock average index in use today is the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Question: In an inflationary period, as prices go up, money gains value because it can buy more.

Question: The process of apportioning the cost of a fixed asset over the period during which it will be used is known as depreciation.

Question: Which of the following is least likely to be a factor in developing a sales forecast?

Question: A written pledge by a borrower to pay a certain sum of money to a creditor at a specified future date is called

Question: Chevron Corporation is one of the largest integrated oil companies in the world. Its management is assessing the world marketplace and taking steps to sustain the company’s competitive position. Chevron is studying external and internal factors that could influence its success. Faced with business competition on a global scale, Chevron is modifying its strategic business model to manage its resources more efficiently. At Chevron, as at competing companies, one of the most important resources is ________________

Question: The collection of data on prevailing wage rates within an industry or geographic area is referred to as a wage survey.

Question: The piece-rate system is based on the assumption that simply paying an employee more money will increase that person’s motivation.

Question: Supply chain management primarily focuses on two or more stages of the marketing channel under one management.

Question: VMS is an acronym that stands for _______

Question: A private accountant is an accountant whose services may be hired on a fee basis by individuals or business firms.

Question: Harassment is illegal when attempting to collect outstanding payments.

Question: If interest rates in the economy decrease, a corporate bond with a fixed interest rate will increase in value.

Question: The oldest stock average index in use today is the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Question: Over a long time period, real estate ownership represents one of the best hedges against inflation.

Question: The _________ market is a market in which an investor purchases financial securities (via an investment bank or other representative) from the issuer of those securities.

Question: Using borrowed money to increase the return on an investment is called financial leverage.

Question: Harry Potter places an order for 1,000 shares of Apple stock. Harry is buying in _____ lots.

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