SEATTLE BUS101 assignment 5 Communication in the Workplace

1. Consider a job you hold now or have held in the past, and answer questions a & b below. If you have never held a job, interview a friend or family member about their work experience and answer the questions from their standpoint.

a. Did your employer practice any kind of employee empowerment? By empowerment, I mean giving employees power to make decisions, solve problems, make suggestions that are implemented, etc. If so, what were they? If not, why not? It’s OK to speculate a little here.

b. What were the results of empowerment or non-empowerment? I.e., did empowerment result in improved performance and higher motivation, or abuses resulting from lack of supervision? Did lack of empowerment result in lower morale, or higher quality due to closer supervision?

2. Describe the following at your workplace:

a. channels of communication and

b. conflict resolution

For both a. and b. above, consider (but don’t limit yourself to) the following:
Informal channels as well as formal ones.
Do a little investigative work and chat with as many managers as you can at your workplace to discover how the communication and conflict resolution channels change as you move up the management ladder.
Do you think the methods your employer uses are effective? How do these methods affect your morale? Would you recommend any changes?

3. Quality is vital in all areas of business. One measure of a product’s quality is the feedback a company receives from its customers.

Directions: Complete the following items to learn how companies solicit customer feedback about their products. ??
Select three food, personal care or other products you’ve recently purchased and complete the following chart.
If no feedback options are provided on the packaging, list “none” in the right column.
“Feedback options” means customer service telephone number or e-mail address, snail mail address, online survey, etc.

Item NumberProduct NameCustomer Feedback Options

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