Discussion 8: Globalization

Following you’ll find two definitions of globalization:

1) refers to the increasing economic integration and interdependence of countries. Economic globalization in this century has proceeded along two main lines: trade liberalization (the increased circulation of goods) and financial liberalization (the expanded circulation of capital).

2) The process of worldwide integration of economic or political systems. Economically, globalization is driven by free trade and foreign investment. The concept of globalization can also be applied to cultural products (such as movies or music) or values (such as beliefs about human rights).

Our discussion topic for the week is: Overall, do you think globalization is positive or negative? Does it increase standards of living around the world, or suffocate other cultures under an onslaught of Big Macs and Coca Cola?

Read up a little about Globalization by Googling that term. Then support your opinion with specific examples.

Discussion 9: Executive Responsibility

The recession still seems to be hanging around.

The culprits seem to be deregulation, irresponsibility and greed, from the homeowners who used refinancing to live beyond their means to corporate executives who oversaw the financing of risky mortgages in pursuit of returns.Homeowners who overextended themselves may face financial ruin. On the other hand, the corporate executives who led their firms to financial disaster lose their jobs, but they walk away with severance packages of $10 million, $20 million and up. Kerry Killinger, in charge of our own Washington Mutual, walked away with $23 million while hundreds (if not thousands) of employees faced unemployment with the sale of WaMu to JPMorgan. More recently in the news was the demise of the Hostess bakeries – no more Twinkies! :>o But Hostess executives made millions while workers were asked to take pay cuts.

Following are a couple of articles on CEO compensation:″>James Sinegal, progressive CEO of Costco”>Excessive CEO Pay

Our discussion topic for this week is: What’s you view on the multi-million dollar severance packages extended to top-level CEO’s who lead their firms to disaster? Should executives walk away empty-handed if their firms fail? Should they be penalized? Or is a hefty severance package a requirement for attracting top-level talent?

Discussion 10: The One Big Thing

What’s the most interesting idea we’ve covered this quarter or the one big thing you’ll take away from this class? Have any of your ideas about business, career or politics changed based on what you’ve learned?

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