Statement: Human Resource Management Essay

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. Quotes the famous General Colin Powell, giving hope and a new dimension to people in distress to look up to fulfill their dreams despite the many roadblocks in front of them. One cannot pursue his dream in just a blink of an eye, it needs determination and hard work to achieve our dreams.

I have also taken inspiration from these brave words and feel one can achieve anything if one pursues it with diligence and perseverance and I have set my heart on attaining to do my Masters Degree from one of the most reputed universities of the world. Furthermore, I have come to the conclusion that studying at your esteemed university will definitely be the catalyst in putting me on the road to success after having been through hardships in my life.

Studying in Australia will give me enough exposure to be able to interact with people from different walks of life and nationalities. This will equip me well in the art of assessing and cultivating human relationships, which is a necessity in any type of work place.

My father, though deceased now, a former businessman and politician, has left a remarkable dream in my heart. He has inspired me to dream big to achieve the very best education available. My mother, a housewife and a very loving and affectionate person has also been very supportive of my decision. My step father, a businessman, has also been supportive in pursuing my studies in Australia. I have a step brother who is in Junior high school, though we have a big age gap between us, we are very close and he is supportive as well in pursuing my studies in Australia.

My husband, an IT Professional, who currently works at the City Government of Urdaneta, had also entrusted me his all-out support in achieving my dreams. My 5-year old daughter serves as my inspiration all the time. They have both been a source of inspiration to me to build up my career on a sound footing. They are the reason why I want to achieve my dreams and aspirations to study abroad. Surely, my aim of furthering my studies in Masteral Degree will add to my experience and exposure that will prove beneficial to me in my future ventures. I have accomplished my Bachelors Degree in Political Science at Saint Louis University, Baguio City on March 2003.

It was four long years that I struggled to finish my course. During these days, my parents showered me words of encouragement to fulfill my dreams. After graduation, I was tasked to help my father to overlook our just newly opened school in the province. Managing a business without any experience at all is really difficult. My dream, together with my father, to have an outstanding college in our place made me strive for more. I realized that it is not just enough to grow your own business but what is more important is when your business helps others too.

But as I was searching for a better future, I found myself seeking opportunities abroad. I had served as an Executive Secretary to an Indian national. With these experiences, I dreamt of working in a prestigious company on a supervisory level. I have learned that we cannot reach our dream if we are not determined to achieve it. We need to do something to reach our success. I know by studying my Masters Degree in Australia, it is my first step in achieving my dream. My journey will start in Australia.

I know my further studies will contribute in my dream of having a business at the same time helping people too. My Master Degree will provide me with the opportunity to learn more about having business and prepare me to be an Executive of a leading company in the world. I believe my dreams and experiences have greatly prepared me for the Masters Degree. I am confident that this program will continue to enhance my understanding of business leadership and management.

1. CPD1102 Professional Development and Ethics This subject places major emphasis on understanding the processes of professional development and competency acquisition. The subject focuses on social trends and the rise of customer centricity and pluralism, mega trends in individual industries, particularly climate change and energy, envisioning of the future through environmental scanning, blue sky thinking and scenario planning, definitions and understanding of the dynamics of complexity and change and impact on professional performance, ethics and professional values, setting personal development goals, undertaking SWOT analysis and developing strategies, competency assessment and delineation of competency gaps, compiling own plan and monitoring self development and maintaining and enhancing professional competencies.

2. SBM2101 Operations Management This unit focuses on systematic operations planning and management. The unit covers understanding of the fundamentals of operational planning, collaboration, organizing, staging, monitoring and performance improvement, applying the process approach, understanding resource acquisition and resource management fundamentals to support operations and activities, selecting appropriate standards applicable to different aspects or sections of the operations or management functions in the organization unit, structuring, designing, testing and rolling out operations in the organization unit, devising and applying effective and integrated operations-related health and safety management plans, planning and selecting suppliers and partners, specifying operational performance assessment requirements, and design and application of quality management systems to manage quality of products and services, processes and organization unit, surveillance/monitoring of operations and measurement of performance including initiating operational improvement schemes across the organization unit and laws and regulations applying to operations, including the need to maintain valid records and evidence for due diligence.

3. SBM2102 Marketing and Business Communications This unit covers effective marketing and business communications. It covers both traditional marketing approaches as well as e-marketing and newer forms of business communications. This subject also covers all aspects of marketing including market research, channel selection, communication strategies, marketing artefacts, execution of marketing action plans, feedback and improvement, etc. It also covers an understanding of international marketing concepts including use of resellers and distributors, alliance and other forms of networks.

4. SBM2103 Financial Management This unit comprises definitions and understanding of the principles of accounting, budgeting, financial planning and control concepts, accounting standards, best practices, requirements and instruments for communication, financial measures including cash flow, balance sheet, orders in hand, fixed and variable costs, profitability, capital investment, assets, liabilities, return on investment, earning per share, financial ratios, historical stock price movements, estimating techniques and determination of their accuracy, range of application and timing in business ventures, financial performance measurement, reporting and assessment, forecasting and trend projection for the purposes of managerial decision making and systems and tools applied in accounting and financial management practices.

5. SBM2104 Human Resource Management This unit focuses on successful management of human resources with particular focus on theories of human resource management and the key practices in modern day organisations. The topics included are self-management including the art of self-assessment and ongoing development, ethical-decision making, human resource planning including forecasting human resource requirements and availability, human resource engagement including skills in job analysis, the development of job specifications and accurate job descriptions, selection and recruitment, employee management including skills in the use of performance management and associated training and development, employee dismissal, determination of different learning styles and utilization of the same in promotion of communication synergy, communication, information and documentation management, assessment, development and balancing of high performance teams, and promotion of employee health and wellbeing including the application of health and safety standards.

6. SBM2105 International Business and Competitive Strategy This unit addresses the international nature of business, formulation of competitive strategy and competitiveness of the organisation. It analyses international markets and the associated dynamics, strategic planning and creation of a competitive advantage. The topics of study includes: Understanding international business, global dynamics and competitive environment, Defining business strategies and creating competitive advantage, Strategy making process and strategic context, Triple bottom line approach and strategy for corporate development, Utilising technology and other drivers for maintaining competitive superiority, Designing strategies for outsourcing, co sourcing, networks and partnerships, Strategic management of functional areas, governance structure and devolution of decision making, Organisational KPIs and measurement of the organisation performance

7. SBM1104 Project/Program Leadership and Change Management This course unit will address the art of leadership and change management, and will focus on articulated leadership competencies to lead and effect positive change, including motivating, training and leading staff and network business partners. Practical expertise in development and implementation of leadership and change management plans will be emphasised. Contemporary and innovative human resource management concepts and techniques applicable to complex environments will be explored. The course will cover advanced leadership principles and application, styles of leadership, design and implementation of leadership and change management plans.

Typical topics covered include: Processes of leadership and change management (vision, mission, goals, values, communication and motivation, training and change management), Individual managerial styles using Situational Leadership Theory, Conflict resolution through facilitation, intervention, prevention and jumpstarting motivation, Leadership of cross functional teams, including promotion of creativity while emphasising accountability and ownership, Managing clients/sponsors and external stakeholders’ expectations, Strengthening organisational autonomy through staff empowerment, shared leadership and enhancement of competencies, Moving towards the philosophies of self steering and autonomous work culture

8. SBM2106 Organisational Behaviour and Internal Communication This unit of study provides a basic grounding in the theory and practice of internal communication integrated with studies of organisation behaviour in contemporary organisations. The aim is to cover the myriad of situations that exist in contemporary organisations.

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