29. For a lamp manufacturing company, the cost of the insurance on its vehicles that deliver lamps to customers is best described as a:

A. prime cost.

B. manufacturing overhead cost.

C. period cost.

D. differential (incremental) cost of a lamp.

31. The cost of leasing production equipment is classified as:


A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D


The wages of factory maintenance personnel would usually be considered to be:

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A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

33. Manufacturing overhead consists of:

A. all manufacturing costs.

B. indirect materials but not indirect labor.

C. all manufacturing costs, except direct materials and direct labor.

D. indirect labor but not indirect materials.

34. Which of the following should NOT be included as part of manufacturing overhead at a company that makes office furniture?

A. Sheet steel in a file cabinet made by the company.

B. Manufacturing equipment depreciation.

C. Idle time for direct labor.

D. Taxes on a factory building.

35. Which of the following costs would not be included as part of manufacturing overhead?

A. Insurance on sales vehicles.

B. Depreciation of production equipment.

C. Lubricants for production equipment.

D. Direct labor overtime premium.

36. Conversion cost consists of which of the following?

A. Manufacturing overhead cost.

B. Direct materials and direct labor cost.

C. Direct labor cost.

D. Direct labor and manufacturing overhead cost.

37. The advertising costs that Pepsi incurred to air its commercials during the Super Bowl can best be described as a:

A. variable cost.

B. fixed cost.

C. product cost.

D. prime cost.

38. Each of the following would be a period cost except:

A. the salary of the company president’s secretary.

B. the cost of a general accounting office.

C. depreciation of a machine used in manufacturing.

D. sales commissions.

39. Which of the following costs is an example of a period rather than a product cost?

A. Depreciation on production equipment.

B. Wages of salespersons.

C. Wages of production machine operators.

D. Insurance on production equipment.

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