The Assessment Process Essay

Assessment The first phase would be an important one called the Assessment phase. In the phase, the worker and client have a meeting to get to know one another. During the meeting, the worker will decide if they can provide services to the client or if they should give them a referral to someone who would be better able to help them.

Also, they decide if they meet the requirements for eligibility. While meeting the client, they will get to know the client and get a better idea of the kind of services the client may need. Once all information has been collected the worker will then go over the process and make sure the client understands and is willing to participate.

Planning The next phase is called the planning phase, where the worker helps the client. When talking with the client the worker will gather as much information as possible and try and figure out what services they can use to help the client. Once all the information has been gathered it is then time to plan how the services will be used. The worker will then sit down and go over how the services will be used, what is to be expected during the process and lastly how their success will be assessed once completed.

Implementation The last stage is called the implementation stage. In this process, the worker and client will start implementing a plan that was developed in the planning stage. This process should be started as soon as possible so the client can begin to receive the help he or she needs. Process 3 Helping Process Each stage is just as important as the others; the main goal is to help the client. Once all the stages have been fulfilled, the client and worker begin making sure all the goals they made are achieved.

Every few weeks or months, they will come together and see how far they have come and how far they have to go to complete the goal. This is called a case review, and if any changes need to be made this is the time to do so. When doing a case review, it is important to make sure all documentation is up to date and correct. In the documents, there should be all three phases, and that is why it is important to make sure the records are up to date. Strength-Based When working with a client is important to make sure the client is actively participating and wanting the help.

A client will not achieve his or her goals if they aren’t actively participating wanting to make to goals that have been set for them. This will only happen if the client and worker have an open line of communication. Strength-based approaches are used to focus the client in a positive setting. Considerations The three process are great when it comes to helping clients. Clients can open up and share things with another person who is there to listen and help the client. A worker must follow a code of ethics when it comes to working with clients.

If a worker believes he or she cannot help the client because of biases or other reasons, then they should not be the ones who are working with a client. Ethical standards are there to protect the client to make sure they are receiving the help and being treated fair. Process 4 All process are important, the main goal is to help the client achieve the goals they have set for themselves. As long as the client is actively participating and working on getting the help he or she wants that is what is truly important.

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