The best description of the way that U.S. military forces have been used is that they have

Question 1
The best description of the way that U.S. military forces have been used is that they have
engaged in several declared wars and numerous other small operations without a declaration of war.
conducted millions of small operations but have never been involved in a declared war.
fought only after a declaration of war.
never engaged in combat operations.
been formally engaged by congress numerous occasions.

Question 2
A military leader who argues against the latest war against Iraq because he feels intervention is not necessary to achieve U.S. goals and will be ineffective against the “War on Terrorism” may be largely influenced by
the policy of Isolationism.
the policy of DĂ©tente.
the theory of “mutually assured destruction.”
the Cold War.
the “Vietnam Syndrome.”

Question 3
The term describing the former Soviet economic system is a(n)
command economy.
market economy.
laissez-faire economy.
capitalist economy.
public economy.

Question 4
The majoritarian model of democracy works poorly in regard to foreign policy because
Americans do not have opinions on foreign policy.
Americans tend to be influenced by their ethnic backgrounds, which reflect a pluralist society.
foreign policy is seldom mentioned during election campaigns.
policymakers are influenced by public opinion on foreign policy only when it reaches consensus levels.
Too many other cultures and nations are involved in decisions.
Question 5
The main function of the Office of Management and Budget is to
assist the president in compiling agency budget requests to produce the national budget.
audit expenditures by government contractors.
advise private industry about efficient management techniques.
streamline resource and personnel management in the federal government.
instill budget management techniques for cost savings.

Question 6
Affirmative action is the
commitment by the federal government to require state governments to eliminate all forms of discrimination within their boundaries.
commitment first introduced in the California legislature to ensure equal employment opportunities for African Americans.
commitment by a business, employer, school, or other public or private institution to expand opportunities for women, African and Hispanic Americans, and members of other minority groups.
decision by a court in Hawaii to affirm the right of gays and lesbians to marry.
specific allowance of a certain number of positions to applicants.

Question 7
The characteristics of global policy include all of the following except
strong guarantees of national independence.
challenges that threaten the concept of national sovereignty.
problems that blend international and domestic concerns.
policies that are developed and monitored by international organizations.
requiring global action.
Question 8
The final outcome of American intervention in Vietnam was

the collapse of the American-supported government of South Vietnam and unification under the North.
a return to the prewar status quo of a communist North and pro-American South.
direct clashes between U.S. and Soviet troops.
the defeat of the communist insurrection and the unification of the country.
establishment of a regional foreign policy with Asia.

Question 9
If a person participates in a boycott, they

commit civil disobedience.
stage rallies to protest unenforced civil rights laws.
violate small laws that are generally not enforced so that the local police are too busy to engage in larger crime enforcement.
urge businesses not to comply with federal safety standards.
refuse to buy goods from a particular company.

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