The following costs and revenue pertain to the Swiss Chocolate Manufacturing Company

The following costs and revenue pertain to the Swiss Chocolate Manufacturing Company, a U.S. producer of chocolate bars, for July 2015.

Swiss Chocolate Manufacturing Company



Raw materials inventory

$ 77,000

$ 91,000

Work-in-process inventory

$ 73,500

$ 70,000

Finished goods inventory

$ 63,000

$ 80,500

Purchases of raw materials

$ 262,500

Direct manufacturing labor

$ 87,500

Indirect manufacturing labor

$ 52,500

Factory insurance

$ 31,500

Depreciation — machinery and factory

$ 38,500

Repairs and maintenance — factory

$ 14,000

Selling, marketing and distribution expenses

$ 40,000

General and administrative expenses

$ 60,000


$ 1,050,000

Complete the cost of goods manufactured statement for Swiss Chocolate for July 2015.
Complete the income statement for Swiss Chocolate (assume that the company incurs no interest financing costs and has a tax rate of 30%).
Compute Swiss Chocolate’s gross profit margin and net profit margin for July 2015. Recall that the gross profit margin percentage = gross profit margin/revenue, and net profit margin = net profit margin/revenue.
Swiss Chocolate’s closest publicly held competitor has a gross margin percentage of 50% and a net profit margin of 15%. Compare Swiss Chocolate’s performance for July 2015 to that of its competitor. What do you note regarding relative production cost and relative period costs in this comparison? Which company appeared to have performed better? Explain your answer.

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3-4 pages in length including calculations
Format according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements
Include at least three outside sources

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