The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with some of the differences to be faced

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with some of the differences to be faced when conducting business in a foreign country. Choose a specific country. (I choose China) and research the dominant culture for that country. Make sure that the country you choose has a lot of information available about the topics below. This assignment is due on the date listed. It is to be typed, written in paragraph form, and is worth 50 points. Include a cover page and a bibliography page. Do not use contractions (don’t, I’m, can’t).

1. Name of country, location, and a map.

2. Brief history of the country from the last hundred years or so (one page or less).

3. Political climate (type of government, kind of economy).

4. Discuss the dominant religion(s) in the country and how religion impacts the country’s culture.

5. What is the literacy level or educational system?

6. Is there one dominant language, or many different languages and dialects?

7. Are there any common gestures, greetings or habits? Are there any gestures or habits that should be avoided because they are offensive? (There are many books available in the library)

8. Are there any major holidays or customs that would have a large impact on conducting business?

9. Total Population (indicate the date this is as of).

10.Gross Domestic Product per capita (use most recent year available and indicate date used).

11.Natural Resources and most common exports.

12.Most common imports.

13.Most common trading partners

14.Currency used and current exchange rate with the U.S. dollar within 10 days of due date, (include date used).

15.Bibliography (Where was information obtained). Be specific and use at least three sources (At least one online source, and one hard copy source not including the textbook). Information from class may not be used as a source.

Make sure that you cover completely the information listed above in this order. The paper should be a minimum of two pages, not counting a map and a cover page. This assignment must be single spaced, Ariel, 12 point font.

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