The State of Occupational Injury Management in Our Organization Essay

Our institution has a system for prevention of occupational injury based on a documented incident management policy, which is clearly accepts the moral and legal responsibilities of the organization to provide the machinery and human resources to tackle any occupational injury, besides being vigilant on its prevention and an attributor to the quality workplace environment.

In its charter on occupational health hazard it directs the employees to notify any workplace accidents, dangerous occurrences and premonitions regarding workplace health hazard to the Health and Safety Officer, besides approving a system of Accident/Incident recording system.

Accordingly the machinery provided by the company in this regard are divided into two segments, like human resources and advanced gadgets of the following nature:

1. State-of-the-art firefighting system.

2. Advanced air circulation system in the departments.

3. Elaborate arrangement of First-Aid with trained personnel.

4. Mandatory health-check unit with advanced gadgets, manned by experienced team of healthcare professionals.

5. Detailed company guidebook for the employees on how to maintain their health and how to respond in time of any distress.

6. Full-time Health and Safety Officer to constantly monitor the state of health and safety in the organization.

Besides these, company provides a state-of-the-art gym for those who want to increase their fitness or efficiency level. Altogether the organization attempts to comprehensively cover all areas that are related to physical safety and mental satisfaction at workplace.

However, all said and done, no system can be full proof, because it always involves alertness of the employees and their presence of mind to tackle occupational injury or health hazard. For that matter, periodic workshops to develop employees’ instinct on maintaining the safety at workplace and responding to the wellness programs like regular physical workout would be a welcome step from the authorities.

“An Inconvenient Truth”: The Movie that Inspires People to Play Their Roles Against Global Warming.

The reality of global warming is fast turning out to be unprecedented wrecker of the civilization and we have very little time to reverse this process. It is that reality which the humans all across the globe must meet head-on right now, if they want to change its course in their favor. From this perspective, this movie can be a starting point for many who are uninitiated about the possibility of receiving a huge backlash from nature after it has received constant assaults from humans. The movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, attempts to raise human consciousness about preventing the fast growth of all-annihilating nature bomb in the form of global warming.

This movie is a documentary in nature, packed with scientific evidences, and is well presented by the former Vice-President of U. S., Mr. Al Gore, who tries his best to prove that this issue affects everyone and thus everyone should respond to meet this biggest moral challenge of the recent times. In a way, it inspires all to gradually shifting from any occupation that can help global warming, and understandably, points at the massive and indiscriminate use of fossil fuels, or any other usage of technology that caters to the soaring graph of carbon-dioxide emissions.

The movie substantiates its claims with scientists’ reports and pictures of the consequences of global warming that can send shivers down the spine – especially when it shows how the big cities like Manhattan, Shanghai or Kolkata can go underwater forever due to the rise in the sea-level, or how the hurricanes would strike with more power of devastation.

The facts presented in the movie are convincing enough to believe that global warming is real and the humans have to change their lifestyle including consuming or producing anything that might have negative impact on environment, which is already giving strong hints about sending our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced. Thus “An Inconvenient Truth” serves as an eye-opener to anyone and truly inspires people to find their roles in reversing the global warming process.

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