The “Three Human Skills” that makes a good MAA Essay

The three human skills that makes a good Medical Admnisitrative Assistant are planning, strategy and leadership. The MAA can use planning to plan out the week day by day. Planning will show them how to move forward to reach there future goals. The reason planning is such an aspect to the MAA is because it will help them to prepare for the end result of their jobs. Whether the outcome is good or bad, atleast they still had a plan set in motion. Strategy is also important though it is similar to planning they aren’t quite the same. Strategy is how you are going to do something where as a plan is what your going to do. Having a strategy may actually help put your plan into place. Leadership is the third skill that every MAA should definitely have. Leadership is the third skill to have, showing leadership in the office betters your performance and brings your ability to light. People recognize and respect leadership, which will make your job a whole lot easier in the end.

Why the planning of activities within the medical office is important for the MAA? The planning of activities is very important because the MAA can inform patients of what is going on in the office and helps them to offer extra services to the people. It is also an opportunity for the MAA to participate in the planning of activities. The MAA performs tasks which are corresponding to the health care industry and general administrative duties. These errands may include answering the phone, greeting patients, ordering supplies, and bookkeeping etc. The other errands that may also necessitate to particular knowledge that includes updating and maintaining patient medical records and scheduling patient appointments. These tasks are all taken care of by the MAA.

How the concept of “empowerment” can make you more effective in your dealings with colleagues in the medical office? Empowerment is giving the power or authority you have at work. The higher your professional position, the more power you have as an individual. Empowerment can make dealing with colleagues more efficiently by knowing each persons position of power. How well you do your job depends on the position you are in and how you decide
to treat it. By empowering your colleagues, you can improve the performance, care, and service your practice provides. Empowerment motivates people to be more productive and in turn, productivity goes up along with the peoples self confidence. Making others feel part of the “team” boosts there confidence in there work. Engaging your colleagues by simply asking there opinion or telling them they are doing a great job shows them that there work is being recognized.

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