Trident Log490 module 2 case and SLP

Module 2 – Case


Case Assignment

Read all of the articles on the Background page.

After reading the articles, answer the following questions in a 3- to 4-page paper:
Compare and differentiate the functions normally associated with 4PLs to those of 3PLs.
What are the factors responsible for more and more companies relying on the services of 4PLs?
Explain why it is important to establish metrics that can help determine the “value” a 4PL can contribute to the supply chain when entering into these agreements.
Would you consider Unyson’s logistics solutions defined for Big Lots consistent with the role of a 4PL in adding value to a supply chain? (Explain and illustrate.)

Assignment Expectations

Display comparative analysis skills in differentiating the roles of traditional logistics service providers with virtual logistics service providers. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of why virtual logistics services are important, the reason for increased specialization among third and fourth party service providers, and how these services support collaborative logistics management initiatives. Demonstrate synthesis skills in incorporating previous course work in assessing the changing roles and character of the decision to outsource logistics to specialized providers.

Submit your assignment for grading by the end of the module.

Module 2 – SLP


The Session Long Project (SLP) requires writing an essay on a contemporary logistics topic facing your organization. As noted in the instructions for the Module 1 SLP page, the SLP consists of two activities: (1) an assessment phase that describes how the module topic applies to your Case study organization’s logistics operations, and (2) an improvement phase that asks you how the organization might better adjust logistics operations to respond to the module topic.

Whenever possible, integrate information from previous courses along with providing examples based on your own experiences to illustrate and support the points discussed in the essay.

For the module two SLP, write an essay of 1–2 pages discussing the following:

Phase 1 (Assessment Phase)

Describe and assess your organization’s experience, if any, with 4PLs (“virtual” logistics service providers [VLSP]).

Phase 2 (Improvement Phase)

Determine if your organization could more effectively use the services of 4PLs (VLSP). If your organization has no experience with 4PLs (VLSP), discuss the major advantages and disadvantages that might result from using a VLSP for the organization.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Incorporate the background materials and previous course work in assessing the reference organization’s experience, if any, with virtual logistics service providers. Demonstrate critical thinking, logic, and an in-depth knowledge of the virtual logistics service concept and how it could be introduced or more effectively utilized in the reference organization’s supply chain management effort.

Submit your assignment for grading by the end of the module.

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