Video game genres Essay


Video game genres

Your heart’s pounding, as you jump out of the shower of AK-47 ammunition and into cover. You peek around the corner and realize the soldier previously aiming at your heart is no longer there. Panic starts to fill your heart as you turn around and … the screen goes black. Your mom is standing behind you, the remote at her side. You check the time. . . your screen time’s over. The previous example is a common occurance. Parents just don’t get it, and believe that video games can only cause your mind to “rott”. However scientists have proven that playing video games can have a positive effect on your mind.

Yes, they also can have negatives effects, but the positive effects often outweigh the negatives. For example, puzzle games increase problem solving abilities and math skills. While other games like Tycoon games, can help with money, business and accounting skills. Some video games can even increase life-long and academic skills. Games like Math and Puzzle games have even been proven to increase academic capabilities. Students who engage in Tycoon and marketing games often show increases in safe business and money habits. Most other games include and improve Problem solving and mathmatic skills through-out the game.

Though video games have some negative effects, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any positve influences. Even video games like “Call of Duty” and other violence inducing games, help with things like quick and critical thinking. Games like these, though they wouldn’t apear to be such a positive influence, still help in things like instincts and fast response/relexes, as well as other survival skills. By research and studies, scientists and developers, have proven that certain video games can even improve a students grade within school on top of habits at home.

For example, some games help with mathematic skills, like puzzle games as I stated before. Others increase the ability to recognize and see a pattern and how to continue it. All of these reasons enforce my claim and belief and more. With just 1 of these or other reasons means and proves that video games can have a positive effect on your mind, and the fact that video games can increase your intellegence and your grades alone is hard to argue against. For these reasons stated parents should cut down on the restraints and the dislike of videogames, and instead allow videogames to become a positive influence!

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