What is strategic management?

Strategic management is the planning, tracking, analysis, and evaluation of an organization’s present stature and the necessities required to achieve the preset objectives.  It is done by exploring the organization’s vision and mission, examining the principles and techniques, and analyzing environmental and organizational models. This assists in chalking out strategies, deploying, and inspecting the effectiveness of the implemented actions. Strategic management plays a crucial role as it helps an organization assess and plan for its future existence.

The course is designed to introduce students to key strategy concepts and assist them in integrating and applying the knowledge they will have gained to various business situations. It is a comprehensive course that requires an in-depth comprehension of principles, processes, and other crucial activities in the management and business world. With institutions having adjusted their curriculum to incorporate strategic management study, it is therefore compulsory for students to regularly deal with assignments for the course.

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What to expect in strategic management assignment?

A strategic management assignment is meant to evaluate whether students understand the concepts, principles, and executions associated with strategy development and implementation. The assignment assesses if a student can integrate and relate the knowledge gained from the course to formulate and implement strategies from universal and flexible perspectives. The assessment also expects one to analyze and evaluate real-life organization situations and formulate creative, practical approaches per strategic management perspective. Generally, most strategic management tasks involve designing a marketing plan that thrives in a currently changing business environment with very high competition. The course is quite broad; hence there are various assessments with the study.

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