What Kind of Thinker Are You? Essay


What Kind of Thinker Are You?

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally. It includes the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. In other word it is the thinking beyond just regular thinking. It is thinking of numerous ways that you can solve a problem instead of sticking to just one maneuver.

In this class I learned plenty of things. If I have to choose just three it would have to be the type of thinker that I am and ways that I can improve that. The second thing would be understanding and anticipating why people would reject my ideas. I used to think that learning why wasn’t a big issue to me, but as I read this weeks’ chapters I now know that it is just as important and another way to improve on myself. The third thing that I learnt was how assumptions can hinder my way of critical thinking. If I would save all the assumptions to myself and keep my mind open about a person it might just surprise me. In beginning of this course I placed myself in between the Unreflective thinker and the Beginning thinker. Since this course, I think I have limited self in between the Unreflective thinker and the Beginning thinker.

Since this course, I think I have limited myself. I now would say that I am still a beginner thinker but also a practice thinker. I now review my problems and try to find other ways to solve them besides that one way. I practice thinking about ways that I can change something instead of leaving it be. Since this course my thinking has gone up one stage but I still need to practice if I want to change that. Reevaluating my assessment of myself and the stage of thinker that I was at I would have to say that I probably placed myself between the Unreflective thinker and the beginner thinker because I couldn’t really grasp on the type of thinker that I am. As I further along in this course and review all past assignments I noticed that I was more of the beginner thinker and practice thinker.

I would say that because I didn’t grasp this I didn’t fully give myself a proper assessment on the type of thinker that I am. Since this course I would say that I do believe that I went up a stage. I am now a practice thinker because I give myself ways to solve a problem. Instead of the one way I try to find different ways to see if it was the only way to solve the problem. I also don’t try to think that my way is the only most times. I try to view others way of thinking and add it to my thinking as well. That way if I am able to change something in the future then I am fully prepared to do it.

I plan to move to the stage of master thinker by practicing thinking. I am always thinking but trying to add more things to think about besides the basic normal I think that I would be able to move along in the stage of thinking. By not letting my old ways sneak up on me and the way I used to feel before I started then I can and will be able to advance into the next stage. If I let past insecurities and rush through the “plan” that I put into place then I won’t be able to continue on to the next stage. So if I take my time and follow my “plan” then I would not only be a better thinker but also advance to the next stage and so forth until I reach the master thinker stage.

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