Why Critical Thinking Is Important Essay

11 November

Why Critical Thinking Is Important

I. Problem Statement:

In normal circumstances, the concept of thinking and knowing cooperate together. However, fear of thinking will influence your preciseness in knowing and lead to negative consequence. Moreover, without critical thinking, learning cannot be fully process though the brain which will lead to misunderstanding. For example, textbooks could only provide solid answers for every question. As long as you continue to follow the formulas of your mathematic textbook without critical thinking, you cannot think further and understand the real meaning behind the equation. Therefore, critical thinking is important in the accumulation of knowledge.

II. Body:

A. Why critical thinking is important? 1. Critical thinking is important because it veers a person away from certain mistake. 2. According to “Thinking vs. Knowing: When Facts Get In the Way”, by Victor E. Ferrall, Jr, he remind us that “Of course, some knowledge is imprecise, e.g., if any of our kid is going to have a problem sleeping it will be Bobby, or Mom always brings her famous fruitcake to a party.” 3. Indeed, often the information that others provide us could be inaccurate. Hence, we should always use our brain to think and understand the other side’s point of view in order to avoid insufficient knowledge.

B. Amiss knowledge is dangerous if you don’t think critically. 1. Knowledge can sometimes be used to control or to dominate people. Therefore, we have to be critical about knowledge. 2. For example, In “Thinking vs. Knowing: When Fact Get in the way”, it give an example that the society use imprecise information to misleading people, it reports that “when a religious sect “knows” the word will end on a date certain and it doesn’t, the usual response is, not to think about why the world did not end, but rather to choose a new deadline, i.e. create new “knowledge.” 3. Even religious will use amiss knowledge to influence people’s belief, as a result, we should be careful with all the knowledge we learn from others because it be wrong. Furthermore, if we can manage to be critical in thinking, then we can change and correct whatever mistaken knowledge when we receive it and thereby, won’t be manipulate by others.

C. Why people avoid to critical think?

1. People avoid to critical thinking because they don’t want to expose from the hidden story that could probably harm their ideal image. 2. In “The need to know and the fear of Knowing”, written by Abraham H. Maslow, he claims that “we tend to be afraid of any knowledge that could cause us to despise ourselves or to make us feel inferior, weak, worthless, evil and shameful.” 3. Our weakness leads us away from the freedom of thought. Slowly, you will start losing your freedom by living in a routine that does not require you to think. Meanwhile, when we start to lost our freedom slowly, living in a routine that does not require us to think, we are enslaving to the rule and control by the social structure.

D. Why we should critical thinking?

1. We should think critically because it establishes liberty and intelligent. 2. According to the book named Krishnamuti, the writer believes that “to be free is to be intelligent, but intelligence does not come into being by just wishing to be free; it comes into being only when you begin to understand your whole environment, the social, religious, parental and traditional influences that are continually closing in on you.” 3. Likewise, freedom requires you to think clear, open minded and rational before you apprehend the concealed stories. As soon as you realize the context, you will receive intelligent that could allow you to break down your fear and stand up for your freedom.

III. Conclusion:

In short, critical thinking is the major process when receiving knowledge. With this process, we can be able to seek the imprecise information and free from the power of regulation.

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