Wild Horses Essay

In my opinion the Bureau of Land Management has had a great impact with all the services they have provided over the time. As the years have past it has become triple the coast to keep up with maintaining the care, services, shelter, and feeding of these horses. I understand the need and want to keep the horses population from dying out being instinct and letting them run freely in the wild as they are known to do. Not all animals should be restricted to where they can roam to just as humans. Also like the human race the more you roam and run wild the more it is going to cost you along with you reproducing.

That is another mouth to take care of and provide for including yourself. With the herd of horses double at the rate of every four years and more money going out to stay maintaining all the faculties in all 10 western states it is now time for some decision making steps. The BLM has different options that will help provide more funding and are required to obtain through the amended, “Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act”. Which still allows the horses to run freely and still producing to keep their race alive while maintaining good health.

These different options rage from adoption, being sold with no limitations, and even put down in the most benevolent and cost efficient way. BML knows their options but with most options comes concerns. These concerns are mainly of what the public congressional would have to say about the selling of the horses with no limits and the slaughtering of thousands of healthy horse. Regardless of what might be said about the BLM’s and their actions this is a requirement that they must meet and abide by. Due to the BLM’s not abiding by those requirements as left them in the state they are currently in with to many horse and not enough funding.

There are also a few more options that are in the works and being looked at which is birth control for the horse to stop the double of herds every for years. On that note it sounds like it would be a great way to go for the BLM but as known they will not be able to round up all the horses to implement this action. Just as with us humans you cannot make everyone use some form of birth control but you can let them know it is out there and that it would be better to use it and be safe rather than not use it and add on additional mouths to feed, cloth or better yet not want abort.

Now with all these know facts, acts, opinions all viewed as good and bad a decision can be made by looking at what is helping and what is not helping. What was the main goal and purpose of the program? Has it been met and if so are all the requirements and rules being kept and met to. Also have to look and what is going to help keep the funding up and enough of it to maintain the BLM up and running for years to come. This means abiding by the required rules regardless of what the public or anyone else thinks. The key factor here is that the BLM is making sure they are keeping these horses race alive, well, free to run, and very populated.

By sticking to destroying and selling off with no limits then the BLM’s would not even be in this situation. Going through all those steps one at a time including feed back and input from all involved everyone will be able to see while agree on what needs to be done. Even with going step by step with the decision making process you may not come up with a resolution right at that moment or even a resolution that will make everyone happy. But know that in order to make any progression with bettering any situation at hand there always must be a first step taken on the road to resolutions that are meant to impact with improvements.

At the end of the day rules are set in place and are meant to be followed for a reason. Even when those same rules are amended it is for an even better reason, so you do not end up in situations like BLM’s did. When it comes to decision making you need to have a comprehensible focus on the outcome with a problem solving approach. Always gazing toward the good of working with one another building up partnership with other agencies or private sector contractors that could potentially find some cost savings and develop some efficiencies along the way.

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