Williams Specialty Company e-Commerce Web Site Essay

1. System Overview
Williams Specialty Company, a small printing and engraving organization, wants a web site developed to enable their customers to enter their order information including but not limited to: Type of job (print or engraving)

Media (clothing, plague, or trophy)
Media catalog number
Content into the print/engraving request database
Billing and payment options

The company also wishes to provide its entire catalogue online and have two sections one for customers with valid contracts, and one that staff with valid employee numbers can enter.

It is understood that this web site is to have the following functions: Creation, modification, storage, and retrieval of order request information. Creation, modification, storage, and retrieval of catalog information. Creation, modification, storage, and retrieval of purchase order information. Creation, modification, storage, and retrieval of user access information. Allows a client to enter an order request into the database. Allows a client to retrieve order request information.

Allows the operations manager to retrieve order information from the database. Allows the operations manager to validate the purchase order. Allows the operations manager to close out the staffing request. Allows a client to update their personal and billing information.

2. Project Development Management

This section will outline the organization, resources and personnel for the project.

2.1. Organization and Resources
The team will be organized with a team lead responsible for the entire team decisions and requirements. Then team will then be split into sections identified as database, website, programming, and testing and quality control. Each of these sections will have a point of contact listed below and will be responsible for the deliverables assigned to that section.

Communications will be handled through emails and the team discussion board with meetings on iConnect or Chat as determined by the Team lead. Deliverables will be handled through the team discussion boards so that all team members can view and comment on each as needed.

Team A will utilize the following resources:
Weekly iConnect meetings
Team threaded discussion area

Team A will use a modified Agile/Scrum methodology to complete deliverables. Deliverables will be exchanged through email, and the Team A threaded discussion area.

2.2. Personnel
Daniel McIntyre- Programmer
Nathan Gruss – Web Development
Catherine Roberts – Testing and Quality Control
Melinda Ahmed – Database and Testing and Quality Control

3. Schedule and Milestones
This section will outline the project schedule and milestones.

3.1. Delivery
Milestones and Baselines

3.2. Scheduled Activities, Tasks, and Assignments

4. Risk Analysis
The following are risks associated with this project for Team A: Time
Time will impact the project. If weekly deadlines are not met, we will be unable to move forward onto the next tasks. Also, if the final deadline is not met, we could end up with reduced points earned and will have an incomplete project. We have an 8 week final deadline

Week long deadlines
Solution: Determine a plan of action for when to meet and how to manage team time to stay on track and have deliverables submitted on time.

Geographical location
Geographical location is a risk that impacts the project. Having each team member living in different areas poses a risk of not getting everyone together, which could result in gaps of information for project completion. We are a virtual team living in different areas

Solution: Host online iConnect live meetings and utilize the Team A threaded discussion area.

Different areas of expertise
Each team member has different areas of expertise which could impact the project. The impact would be a learning curve; if a team member does not know a programming language it may impact the end result of the project. The project may not compile correctly if the programming language is not understood. Each team member has different background programming language Solution: Each member will be responsible for the part that he or she is most comfortable with.

5. Software Engineering

This section will define the project’s standards, procedures, development methodology and resources.

5.1. Standards and Procedures

5.2. Development Methodology
UML will be utilized to design the system in conjunction with RAD and the use of prototypes to be able to deploy a working model faster that other methods.

Unless otherwise stated all tools will be local installations

6. Testing Procedures
Testing procedures will be developed to not only ensure the functionality of the application, but to take in security and vulnerability concerns as well. Component level testing will take place to ensure each component is functional before putting them together. Once constructed the application with then be tested first to ensure there are no problems in functionality and identify problem areas and possible user related errors that could cripple the application. Then last but not least, the application since it will contain private data and client lists will be tested for security and vulnerabilities that could be exploited to damage or gain access to the site by unauthorized entities.

There will be test plans, unit tests, integration tests, and acceptance tests.

7. Configuration Management
Team members will submit all changes to the team lead for approval. Upon approval, the team lead will assign a version number and this number will be recorded in a master configuration log available to all for confirmation of the latest changes Appendix A: Scheduled Activities from Section 3.2.

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